What are the best treatment options for bunion removal in Singapore?

Doctor's Answers (1)

As mentioned above, I personally would think that keyhole/ MIS surgical correction would be the optimal way of correction.

The advantages are plenty, compared to a traditional “open” method. This would include less pain, less risks of infection and bleeding and damage.

And it is cosmetically much more acceptable to the patient. Most patients with bunions are females, and who would not want scars that are much smaller and aesthetically pleasing? The only point to note is whether one’s bunion is suitable for keyhole surgery (mild to moderate bunions).

And if so, only an experienced surgeon who has had plenty of experience in correcting bunions via this technique, should offer this method of correction. Keyhole surgery is always my first option for patients, if I feel their bunions are suitable for such correction.

Open traditional long-scar surgery for bunions, are usually reserved for severe deformities, or if there are any other associated problems in the other toes.

A very recent study was just published last year (2017) in an international orthopaedic journal, which showed that the pain scores of patients who underwent keyhole surgery were significantly less than that of patients who had traditional open surgery. Thus, a keyhole correction is always my top option, if the patient is suitable for that.

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