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About Dr Rosalind Chong

Dr Rosalind Chong is a Gynecologist who has over 35 years of experience. She graduated from the University Of Singapore in 1974 and obtained her MBBS from. She received her MRCOG from Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, London in 1983, Afterwards, she got her FAMS - Fellowship of the Academy Medicine from Academy of Medicine, Singapore in 1988.

Dr Rosalind Chong offers the following treatments:

  • Ante-natal Care and Delivery
  • Pre-marital/Prenatal Counselling
  • Well-woman Clinic
  • Pre-cancer Screening
  • Vaccinations
  • Colposcopy and Lasers
  • Subfertility/Assistant Reproductive Techniques
  • Reproductive Endocrinology
  • Menopause & Related Problems
  • Sexual Dysfunction/Vaginismus
  • Family Planning & Contraption

Dr Rosalind Chong's Practice

Rosalind Chong Clinic & Surgery For Women

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I do not recommend Dr Chong. I felt that the clinic was unhygienic. She did not even have a nurse to assist her. I had a colposcopy done and I was really scared because she had not even cleaned the ultrasound scope instrument from the previous patient. Please be careful when you consult her. Since I had my procedure done, I will have to go back to get my results but I already regret it. Her payment system is also very dodgy.

She seems to lack information on the condition I have as well and did not really answer my queries also. She just did the procedure without telling me much about what she was doing. It was an uncomfortable experience and the whole time I was thinking if the items she was using were sanitised at all.


I recently visited Dr. Rosalind Chong's clinic at Mt. E, and was impressed with the service of the receptionist and the doctor. Over the years, I have had many doctors for this itch I've had. Some gave me weird looks, and they were one or two who told me it was all in my mind. But when I went to see Dr. Chong, she sympathized with me, and believed my story. She went through all the possible causes of it, and excluded them one by one until we arrived at the real cause. She then gave me the medication for it, and though it was expensive, it took the itch away, and I've not itched since. I strongly recommend her for any patient who wants a detailed explanation!
She's pretty nice, and I think the fees are pretty reasonable. The other places all charged around the same. The only reason why mine was expensive was due to medication!

I thought I had to comment on her unprofessionalism, after almost two decades now - glad I found this platform! I went to see her to confirm if I had conceived, but it so happened that Nature had beat her to it. I realised I wasn't expecting a baby, while waiting for my turn at the clinic in Toa Payoh. I thought it would only be polite to stay on. And when I was called in, she was pretty sarcastic as to why I had even booked an appointment as it was clear I was not pregnant from the urine test. So, in short, this so-called gynaecologist of x number of years of practice is rude, has no sense of bedside manner, a complete waste of time, extremely patronising - I clearly remember she used the word 'periphery' in the context of neighbourhood schools. For those who appear to have had an apparently positive experience, I dare so you are one of those fortunate ones who may be of distinguished backgrounds. That day, some 20 years ago, I walked out feeling very upset to have been spoken to in a patronising manner, amongst others. In fact, I am surprised she's still practising. Moving forward, this lady needs to demonstrate empathy and respect towards all her clients, irrespective of backgrounds etc. Or simply retire.

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