About Dr Samuel Ho

1. Specialty/Sub-Specialty/Area of Medicine

Plastic Surgeon

2. Services

  • Mummy makeovers
  • Tummy tucks
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Delicate Rhinoplasty
  • Breast surgery

3. Experience

Dr Samuel Ho is Plastic Surgeon based in Singapore. who obtained his fellowship for Aesthetic Surgery and Craniofacial Surgery in Seoul, South Korea. In 2014, He received a Gold Medal from the College of Surgeons. Throughout his life, he has worked at prestigious establishments such as the Hanyang University Hospital, 101 Plastic Surgery Clinic and BIO Plastic Surgery Clinic. Dr Ho has special interests in breast augmentation for Asian women, asian rhinoplasty, asian double eyelid surgery, ptosis treatment and eyebag removal.

He has pioneered a few techniques such as the use of orbicularis oculi muscle-sparing and the “under-through” levator aponeurosis plication technique for upper eyelid ptosis surgery, the use of ear cartilage with thigh fascia for nose augmentation and the muscle-sparing pedicled TRAM flap for breast reconstruction.

Dr Ho is married and has two children. Outside of work, he spends time conducting pro-bono surgeries and gives back to the local community by volunteering his time at a not-for-profit medical volunteer organization focused on giving reconstructive facial surgery to young children in Indonesia.

4. Awards and Achievements

5. Publications 

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6. More Information