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About Dr Stephanie Ho

Dr. Stephanie Ho graduated with a degree from the University of Edinburgh and attained her post-graduate degree in Internal medicine in the UK. Following after, she completed her Dermatology training in London and went on to practice and undertake research at the University of Hong Kong, publishing many articles in journals and peer-reviewed journals. Currently, she has set up her own private clinic - Stephanie Ho Dermatology and was formally a Consultant Dermatological Surgeon at National ...

Dr Stephanie Ho offers the following treatments:

    • Medical 
      • Acne
      • Allergies
      • Corns and calluses
      • Dandruff
      • Eczema
      • Facial Rashes
      • Fungal Infections
      • Hair Loss
      • Hand rashes
      • Hyperhidrosis
      • Nail problems
      • Psoriasis
      • Rosacea
      • Scars
      • Skin Cancers
      • Urticaria
      • Warts
      • Vitiligo
      • Screening for Skin Cancer
    • Paediatric
      • Allergies in Children
      • Eczema in Children
      • Moles and Birthmarks
      • Skin Infections in Children
      • Cradle Cap
      • Diaper Rash
    • Cosmetic
      • Customized Rejuvenation
      • Essential Skin Care
      • Injectables - Botox and Fillers
      • Laser for Acne scarring
      • Laser for Birthmarks
      • Laser for Hair Removal
      • Laser for Mole Removal
      • Laser for Pigmentation and Rejuvenation
      • Laser for Redness, Acne Marks and Scars
      • Scar Treatment
      • Skin Tightening
      • Superstar Treatment
    • Surgical
      • Age Spot Removal
      • Cyst Removal
      • Mole Removal
      • Pincer or Ingrown Nail Removal
      • Skin Biopsy
      • Skin Excision
      • Skin lumps and bumps removal
      • Skin Tag Removal
      • Wart Removal

Dr Stephanie Ho's Practice

Stephanie Ho Dermatology

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Dr Stephanie Ho gives clear explanation and provides great assessment to me.
Dr Ho gave good advice & explains clearly.
But her products are expensive, it works for a while, and then not.
She's very personable and really is genuine. She is expensive especially if you plan to consult her on a regular basis. And her waiting room can get very busy.

3 Articles written by Dr Stephanie Ho View all

How Do You Know If Your Mole Is Cancerous? An Experienced Skin Doctor Gives Us The Low-Down

Moles are kind of like our old friends. After all, they tend to stick around longer than some people in our lives. 

Ranging in size, shape, and colour, most moles seem to be pretty harmless. Some find them a nuisance because they appear at undesirable spots, while others consider their moles to be a special thing that make them unique.

But what if that mole that you've dismissed is potentially a sign of skin cancer?

Here's what an experienced dermatologist, Dr Stephanie Ho, has to say about the questions that she always gets asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dr Stephanie Ho

What is the cost to see Dr Stephanie Ho?

You can get a customised quote for the cost of your treatment here. Alternatively, our medical concierge is able to provide you with free and instant cost estimations (opens up whatsapp chat).

How soon can I make an appointment with Dr Stephanie Ho?

Generally, Dr Stephanie Ho has appointments available on DxD within a few days. You can see Dr Stephanie Ho's earliest availability on DxD and make an appointment online.

Is Dr Stephanie Ho accepting new patients?

Yes, Dr Stephanie Ho is generally accepting new patients.

Can I use Medisave to see Dr Stephanie Ho?

Certain medically necessary procedures are Medisave claimable. Speak to our medical concierge for free to find out more (opens up whatsapp chat).

Where is Dr Stephanie Ho's clinic located?

Singapore 228210

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