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I am Claire Jedrek; Mother, Emcee, And Singapore’s Only Female Race Car Driver, AMA!

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Hello, DxD community! I’m Claire Jedrek! I’ll be replying to all your comments on Wednesday, 13 February 2019, at 5:00 PM. 


I am a mother, emcee, writer, and Singapore’s only female race car driver. I am really happy to be here to share my personal knowledge and experiences on motherhood.

Feel free to ask me anything you'd like to know about the things people don't tell mothers (during and after pregnancy), challenges I faced, my insecurities, tips on how I juggle work, exercise, and family!

Leave a comment below to ask me anything related to motherhood and a healthy lifestyle, e.g. :

  • What do people not tell pregnant mothers
  • How to exercise while being pregnant
  • What should new mothers take note of 
  • How to take care of your mental health 
  • Books and resources for mothers 
  • How to keep an active lifestyle despite a hectic work schedule 
  • Tips on how to eat healthy in Singapore
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Hi all, I'm Jeeyan, one of DxD's content editors. I'll be moderating this AMA. Claire will be coming on live on Wednesday, 13 February 2019, from 5:00 - 6:00 PM to answer all your questions. Feel free to start leaving your questions and comments for her below. 

Hello Claire, thanks for doing this AMA session! We really appreciate it :) 

My questions for you are: 

1. What’s the one thing that you wished someone had told you before you had your baby?

2. What was the biggest physical change you felt after giving birth?

3. What’s your best advice for women who are trying to lead an active lifestyle in the midst of their busy schedules?

185 days ago
What was the most challenging part about pregnancy? Was it more physical or mental?
TOTALLY mental. It's all a mental  game, fear , anticipation, anxiety, negativity, procrastination, it's all mental . The physical you whine about but you get through, the mental is sometimes harder to rid of!
Rinaaa poh
186 days ago
What types of exercise do you do when you were pregnant?

HI there,

During my first pregnancy I continued with HIIT workouts till 2 days before pregnancy as I've always done HIIT workouts. I modified my HIIT workouts significantly to suit the pregnancy. I was able to road cycle till about 4.5 months and then as parents we decided that road cycling became too risky. So I continued riding my mountain bike till 6 months, and the max I was doing was 40km which may seem a lot to the average person bu cycling from Orchard through MBS to East Coast McDonalds and then U-turning was very doable and I never pushed too hard to prevent overheating.

I am almost 4 mths pregnant now again and this time, I haven't done much road biking but I maintained trail riding on my mountain bike. I will stop the dangerous trails in the next month and continue on flat trails till it gets uncomfortable and I can't lower my seat any more.

I have changed it up since I've been suffering from tight hips and lower back after my first, so I am spin cycling now, doing some HIIT in the gym, swimming, adding pilates and yoga.

I do a lot fewer high impact items for some preventative body repair!

Timothy Kang
185 days ago
How should I support my wife during her pregnancy?
185 days ago
wah such a good husband

Support is probably the number one remedy for many things in my books.

It is true, hormones are raging, I went through the first 4 weeks after birth with some crazy crying over literally spilled breast milk I had spent 1 hour extracting that landed all over the couch.

Some of the emotions are not real, it isn't easy. When emotions are high, and things seem to hit the roof, take a deep breath, and think about what you are both trying to achieve.

1) Sometimes all pregnant women are a hug, just don't say anything, in all truth sometimes the emotions aren't real (when I mean not real, I mean that it's a passing moment, so pick the real fights.)

2) Ask what you can do for her (crossing fingers, hoping it's realistic!)

3)Sometimes they will just blab and talk, as things running through the head, things can magnify. Try not to dismiss what they say, mainly because it is coming from some place of thought.

4) Encourage her always. You'll hear her say she's feeling fat, feeling ugly etc etc, tell them there is x number of months, it'll be over soon, during the day, give her nice compliments without her looking for affirmation. The random comments such as "HEY...butt still looks good in that" is quite funny and endearing especially in the last few months.

Muhammad Razir
185 days ago
What's the biggest fear you had about child birth? 
Man, everything you can imagine, the anticipation was awful, but when it came down to the moment, nothing mattered and I didn't really care.
becca tong
185 days ago
do you feel mom guilt when you go out to work? i am a new mom and i just started going back to work. i feel so bad when i am not with my daughter. how do you cope with it? 
185 days ago
hi @becca i know how you feel. me too. but then again sometimes i feel like it's just me mind missing my child. i mean, it's not practical to be with your child 24/7 too

I felt mum guilt all the time, but now it's been months, I know mentally and emotionally, I individually am in a good place.

I made myself go overseas when he was 3 months old because I knew I needed to train myself if I wanted to go back to work.

I had way more guilt than my husband who would say he doesn't feel any guilt. He wanted to go cycling instead and he was right, my child didn't notice when he was having a ball at my family's place.

The only person who felt something was me. It's about the art of letting go.  

Don't feel bad, don't be too hard on yourself. We as mums tend to do that so much for no real reason. Think about how much of a better person you are when you can do your own things, and then go back to her and be in a good mood and be patient and be in a good place.

When I was breastfeeding and I couldn't pump enough because I was overseas working because I chose to, I would think, COULD I HAVE DONE MORE to prevent this? Would I be feeding him longer? But in all truth I was happier letting go...

I still think, "Should I be spending more time?", But you know, my husband says hey, look at it this way, he has 3 houses to go to, he learns 3 different things, and experiences different things. It's a state of mind.

185 days ago
Did you choose natural birth or did you have epidural? i am deciding on that and i am leaning more towards natural but then again, i have a super low threshold for pain!

BE flexible, I knew as an active person who likes training ive always wanted natural.

I tried to do with out epidural but I was pretty drained after 8 hours of nonstop contractions and I waved the flag and because I was flexible , the epi felt fantastic, though I thought I don't want it. I sat through the last 3 hours with a weight of my shoulders and I was able to breath longer than 2 mins ahahah

I think go with plan A and plan B, there are options for pain when giving birth naturally, you wont know what kind of pain you have on the day. You have so many options.

Why not plan to go in easy and if it hurts too much then just have the options of pain relief!

185 days ago
what are some of the best exercises for pregnancy ladies that you would recommend? 

All of my Yoga friends who were pregnant swear by it, none of them suffered lower back, glutes or tight hips, whereas I suffered quite a bit towards the end and months after.

I know swimming is fantastic, not only to cool off but also to relieve tension from your joints and take the weight off your hips etc. I was swimming front stroke till 6 months or so and then swapped to breaststroke and then I was walking 20-40 pool laps when I was heavily pregnant with headphones, my son, and a movie.

Pilates is a new addition to help stretch out tight back muscles but also to help me maintain some strength and stability.

Ting Xuan
186 days ago
do you stick to a strict diet? or do you watch what you eat? i find it so hard to eat healthy in singapore

I believe you can eat healthy , its perhaps your approach.

My best advice would be to cook your own meals so you know what goes into your food . I understand the time restraint or even perhaps the lack of cooking skills so many eat out , time and cost wise.

It isn't as exciting but start small to incorporate healthier meals, if you do go with noodles and soup , skip the soup as it has so much salt.

With any sort of meal with rice like economy rice , try ask for half the rice and add more vegetables in as a carb filler

Skip the sugar drink , sugar is a killer here for diabetes later in life, and go for the water option. Drink lots of it!

It takes effort and you really do have to put in the effort , there isn't a short cut you have to make time!

185 days ago
Were mood swings a big part of your pregnancy? If yes, how did you control it? My sister is always in a hissy fit and sometimes.. it quite unbearable. I wish I could help.

Patience is a virtue I agree. I didnt go through crazy mood swings, but it happens, and havign people who are patient around you who perhaps know the tricks to calm them down helps.

Distract her, lead her mind to a positive place instead of ignore. Sometimes strange emotions well up out of no where and mountains appear out of mole hills.

Perhaps ask her how she is, what you can do to help.

roshie haumad
185 days ago

Did you follow some of of a strict exercise or fitness regime while you were pregnant? I am so afraid of getting fat! :(((( I am gained like almost 10kg alr...and i am not even at my last trimester

most advice will tell you dotn try going on a strict diet, in hindsight it is true.. though I am one of the most vain people to admit during preganncy, but at some point you have to focus away from your body.

Im pregnant again and the hardest thing second time around is sugar. Swap the sweets for fruits . drinks for water, try smaller meals. Start small goals and walk.

Try and get more exercise, if you can go the extra 100m , if its not to hard take the staircase.

I tried and still put on 12kg plus and mayeb after birth a bit more. It took my 9 months to even start losing weight.

I joke its the caucasian blood when breast feeding did nothing for me, but when I stopped breast feeding the weight came off.

Weight will come off eventually. And sorry hunny you are pregnant so the water weighs alot, the placenta weighs a lot and the  baby too and even more so.

Stay positive and know after birth you can find time to do something about it.

185 days ago
what's the best advice on pregnancy you've received? 

Probably wooosah . Cut back on doing what makes you angry, upsets you , cut back on trying to do everything.


185 days ago
just wondering.. did you get a confinement nanny? my family thinks it's important but i am not sure if i want to spend that money. also did you shower after you gave birth? i have been reading up so much and they say not to bathe? confuseddddd!

To be honest everyone will tell you something, I read few things here and there and I didnt read anything else.Too much info.

Hunny I was sweaty and gross after birth and the next mornign I got straight into the shower at the hospital and Ive been showering ever since.

The showering myth from the Asia side was probably real back int he days maybe from the cold weather were it could have originated from , lack of medicine or cold showers or dirty water. You'll want to shower...

Yes I got one after not wanting one, but only because my husband insisted not to try be a super mum.

If  you dont get a nanny , its not necessary but if you have perhaps your mum , or mother in law, family or friends that can help you to get through the first new month, it really helps with some support.

185 days ago
what's the best thing your husband did for you during your pregnancy? 

He spoke in a quiet voice ( hes an extra loud person) and gave me hugs  ( though in confusion) when I had random crying outbursts over nothing in particular, hormones are real .

He was very encouraging when I felt tired, hot soppy and over being pregnant, he'd remind me that it wasn't much longer or he'd distract me with conversation , bring me out of the house.

ivy yeo
185 days ago
has your second pregnancy been easier? or same

Easier perhaps because I know what to expect, the first three months was about the same, tired, little bit sick, in bed, but I have less fear about having a kid mentally.

Its been relaly awesome and positive because I choose to see it that way , so yes easier

Xin Wen
186 days ago
What about pregnancy surprised you the most? 

The one tells you about the farting

Also while giving birth all the fear mongering about taking a poo in natural birth or beign naked in front of strangers, you dot really care when its all going down.

Vanessa Chew
186 days ago
Is there anything I should know about pregnancy in terms of diet? What should I not eat, and is it okay to indulge in cravings? 

I was very relaxed diet wise. I ofcourse stayed away from items that would give me food poisoning like from dodgy street food when I was over seas, but I ate cheese and sashimi ( very good grade only every 2 weeks) throughout pregnancy and one coffee a day.

Don't quote me but if you get sick, its the dehydration that effects the baby, not the actual poisoning. Hence some doctors are traditional. My doctor said he left it down to science so he was fine if I ate anything.

186 days ago
you have such a great body! tbh i before i was pregnant i never exercised.. but ever since i gave birth i kinda want to get back into shape by starting to exercise. but i dont really know where to begin. do you have any tips for moms like me?

start very small. don't overwhelm yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.

The first step is wanting to so well done!

2) Just start with a walk around the block, then extend that to 2-3 rounds, then from 10 mins to half hours. Then expand to brisk walking. Find some music to motivate you put you in an epic mood or plug in a good movie or tv series

3) Try out local activities in the park, sign your self up for classses, see if your husband or friends are interested.

Small goals before aspirations

186 days ago
How did you decide on your gynaecologist? i am turning 25 but i dont have one yet. I dont know who to go to 

I was terrible before hand, I would see adhoc doctors.

I found my gyanae from a friend who had twins, i didnt look any one up, or looked at reviews, I used what she was happy with and was totally cool with him.

It does help finding someone yo are comfortable with and you can speak with.

I go with convenience and then pricing and then how much I liked the doctor.

John Yeo
186 days ago


What's the biggest value you plan on teaching your child as he grows up?

Kindness and empathy. I think as people we should always remind ourselves of these values.
185 days ago
How many kids do you plan on having? What made you decide on that number?
185 days ago
answer this pls! i also want to find out haha
2 max, I never really knew how many I wanted but I enjoy doing my own thing, workig and traveling and I think my patience would be a t two max. I thought I wanted 2 because it was nice growing up with a sibling. One day when our parents our gone, it may be a bit lonely.
185 days ago
what's your advice for new parents? i am struggling with my 3 month old!!!!

WE all struggle, we all don't always know what we are doing, we just know we want to make sure the baby is alive, haha

I think be flexible, dont let other peoples fears as parents get to you . sometimes not reading those articles and indulging in so and so friends kid go t this and that and sickness etc....its overwhelming and anxiety is a killer.

It s mindset on how you want to look after your kid and get though each day.dont forget there is a brand new day to try again , it okay to cry and feel overwhelmed or be angry. ITs a trying time and suddenly he/she will be a year and you ll wonder where the time went.

185 days ago
which one was your most difficult trimester? did you have crazy cravings? d

I think the first tri as I struggled to get out of bed, with being lethargic and acid reflux.

Only towards the end I wanted cold drinks and I usually dont do cold drinks. I was feeling hot all the time

185 days ago

did you have crazy cravings? i am having some crazy ones and i feel so bad for my husband who goes out to buy these food.

Number one thats awesome he goes out to get you , thats support!

2) I wanted cold drinks and dessert towards the end . Cold anything

185 days ago
Did you gain a lot of weight from your pregnancy? How did you manage to lose it all? You look gooood
185 days ago
she's pregnant again and looking good too!

I never lost all the weight before I got pregnant again!

I put on 12kg total and I was still 5kg up, but I was fit and strong, body changes and hormones and it is true for some of us, if it takes 9 months to be pregnant it takes a year for it to slowly go. I didnt lose any till 7mths onwards after I stopped breast feeding

185 days ago
have you ever gone for any pre-natal classes? my husband is asking me to go but i feel like it's a waste of money
185 days ago
I am curious about this too. 

YE I did and I think I learnt a lot about my options in the hospital , like I didnt need an episiotomy ( go look it up , alot of local hospitals will cut you for a faster natural birth or out of caution) I learnt about how to ease my contraction pains.

Husbands tend to be a bit more pushy about going like mine becasue they know a lot less than us , we naturally know somehow with our bodys but they tend to have a bit of anxiety of it all. Though on the day my poor husband was quite useless trying to massage me seeing me in pain howling with contractions ahahahahah

I went to ease my husbands anxiety. But it did help to know options of what to expect in birth

185 days ago
what's the best part of being a mummy?

To be honest everything. The love is 10 fold, more love than i feel for my parents or any boy I loved. I told my husband who is smitten with my son its okay iof he loves my son more than me...

I love waking up no matter how tired I am and starting each day with a new goal to be the best I can for him.

Also sharing every moment with my husband and son and creating our own family

185 days ago
was conceiving easy for you?  my husband and i have been struggling but to no avail....

I went to a fertility gynae and becasue I had a time frame I took some medication which would ripen and mature my eggs to increase the possibility.

Its relatively inexpensive , i truly believe that you cant stress too much about it, my husband and my self cleaned up our diets and lifestyle too

185 days ago
what was the hardest part about getting back to work after pregnancy? i am at the last week of my maternity and i am feel so out of touch.. and reluctant to go back to work. feeling quite down.. any advice?

It is so tough, but creating that gap will in the long run be important for your mental health. ITs so hard right now but i promise it gets easier. Ive been away working overseas and run to the toilet and cried. Ive even cried on the plane flying in and out all alone and in airports. II look back now and know that its all part of it.

You aren't alone hun, but talk to others about it and try stay in a positive space. You can do this as many others before you , You will get through this!

Pamela Huang
185 days ago
how hands on are you as a mummy? do you have external help? i am quite reluctant to hire help but i am kinda dying a piles and piles of work and errands .. 

Ive managed without a helper , but I caved to a part time 2 times a week as I have 2 cats, meetings, emails, piles of washing and sweeping and mopping and a business to run to and overseas trips , it got too much and

its true dont let yourself burn out.

If you can get help take what you can get. If it allows you to spend more time loving what you do , being with people you love do it.

185 days ago
How surreal does it feel that you created life?

I wake up every day after a year and go holy s%^& I made that... Every day . I still feel weird I am about to be a mother of two. It doesn't define me , but it has made me a better person in so many ways.
Mary Cheng
185 days ago
What do you suggest I read up on for a woman planning to have a child? 

There is so much content out there online and in books.

If its just mental planning to get over fear and preparing for a child, well I had major anxiety event thoughI do a million things I feared I couldn't handle a child . weird thought because I look back and think lol amateur!

To actual plan for one, I think make sure you are in a good place mentally and then you can follow and start planing for a kid. There is a fine line off over reading too.

Take each part in sections, from wanting to have one, conceiving, birthing and after birth.... dont overwhelm the info

185 days ago
Do you feel that your personality/values/beliefs have changed after having a child?

my beliefs and values yes. I created my own for my child based on what I have learnt, taken the best bits from my parents, taken out what I thought I didnt enjoy and then talked about what values we'd liek our kids to have together as a couple.

Nothing is a sacrifice for me, its all a state of mind of what I see as a different stage in life

185 days ago
how long was your birth process? i am afraid that i will end up with a super longggggg birth. my sister had to endure it for 48 hrs!

You know what dont compare yours to ANYONES. My sister had 3 kids, complications, days of contractions and I tried plannnig A and B and C for birthing and I was having lunch when my contractions creeped up 10 days earlier.


185 days ago
Juggling work/family/exercise...any time management tips?

PLan plan plan. You dont have to be late as some people may say when you have kids. I have never been more than 5 mins late if my kid is with me.

Practice makes perfect and I use to love procrastinating .

Write it down and check lists off one by one. Mentally you'' feel safer and when you see what youve achieved throughout the day its also a sensse of achievement.

If something that can be picked up , washed or done in a minute, just do it and check it off the list.

You will ALWAYS find excuses not to do something, or not have time for exercise or work, .

we all spend so much time on our phones or on TV, think about the time that can be used for a quick 15 min walk.

185 days ago
Juggling work/family/exercise...any time management tips?
Veronica Ho
185 days ago

What is the most rewarding part about being a mother? I am quite on the fence about having a child myself actually. Wish to hear your thoughts. Thank you. 

185 days ago
@veronica, same! @claire, have you always wanted to have kids?

I used to be on the fence because I loved my career, I loved how hard i worked for my body, I loved my lifestyle.

I toiled with the idea of a kid but never steppe dup tot eh game till i hit my mid 30s and I was in a good place and thought hmmm, time is slightly ticking.

I was full of fear and apprehension, I will never regret ever having oje.

I have not changed my life one bit not even for the kid, Ive rearranged my life but I am still the same person just that I carry extra love around and wake up to challenge another day !

Its only as hard as you make it

185 days ago
Is your child often sick? I always wondered when it is a good time to bring my son to see the GP or just self-medicate at home

Kids are hardy, he hasn t been sick often , but I expose him to the elements, I have cats, he touches other animals, he plays outdoors.

I thnk if you relaly feel uneasy about how sick your child is, the ease of mind even if its minor is enough for your sake if not theirs.

When Oli has had the flu twice I didnt bring him in . I tried not to let anxiety criple me, it was harder for me than my husband!

They get over it and I know it helps build their immune better

185 days ago
what's your fav type of exercise? cardio? i read that you enjoy mountain biking!
I love all sorts of cardio, I love mtbing you are right because it has a skill level, I used to run alot but i have slightly dodgy knees, so I cycle a lot more now!
Trinia Teo
185 days ago
did you read any books on pregnancy or like motherhood? i am looking for recommendations! TIA

I read one book handed down to me: What You Need To Know When You're Expecting

the rest you kind of pick up along the way. On motherhood Ive never read any. You kind of find your own grove. I think they can give you a good guidance but each pregnancy and child is so different ,, not everything works!

Wei jin
185 days ago
will you let you son watch tv/youtube or use electronics? i am torn. i read that it's bad but it's such a good way to distract them when i need some peace and quiet!

I still believe not to give him too much, but as a mum with no help I definitely allow him to sit in front of the TV at home for max half hour inn each sitting when I need to cook or clean or get ready. You gotta do what you need to , to survive.

 I dot allow phone or tablets, and a bit of boredom is good for kids.

Only int he car if hes kicking up a massive fit of crying Ill distract playign music from a nursery or elmo videos. I dont think its incredibly harmful as I spend time outddors with him and bring him to do things

185 days ago
Out of curiosity, do you view your mother differently after becoming one, and did your r/s with her improve? I never had a great r/s with my mom (I mean we are okay but never tight) but ever since I became one myself, I feel like I can understand and empathise more with her

YEs, I was never close to my mum, I do empthsise with her and realise that hey she did the best she could though I dont agree with her parenting or how she handled many situations that affected me as a kid,

but they are lessons and we can choose to take the ebst and create a better version.

They didn't have the help we had and technology, openness, finances, time or education. I think its  beautiful thing that we can perhaps now understand what they may have gone through and be more patient with them and close one eye

185 days ago

Is there anything you regret not having asked your parents before you became a mother

Nothing , I took the best bits out of what they did for me as a kid and made the rest of my own up. I think it s new story, a  new life and we all have our own journey
185 days ago
how's your relationship with your mother-in-law? mine is giving me a hard time and like, idk how to deal with it... sigh

Its a tricky situation with family, shes a lovely woman but we have our own way of doing things. Shes had a very different way of doing things from me and life but I dont ever hold that against them. I listen , try be patient and if anything remain polite, family is for the long run but I also sometimes lay down my thoughts in casual conversation on how I run my life.

HAve you tried talking it through without offending the hubs. ITs  a tough situation between wife and mother always!

185 days ago
How did you get started as a race car driver , an emcee and a writer??
Ive always been involved with extreme sport and when Imet my husband who was a friend at the time , he gave me an opportunity to commentate a karting championship. TO be able to do that you need to know the skill set and what drivers are doing. That was the beginning of my world moving over from emcee and presentign for just sport and beauty etc to motorsport and knowing my topic, where I eventually started writing for it as work.
185 days ago
were there any foods you avoided during pregnancy? do you still drink coffee or eat raw food like sashimi
I do both in absolute moderation and only the best sashimi, even then its always a gamble even if its clean. Being pregnant it s easy to get sick as our body defenses are down so not to reject the fetus
185 days ago
did you get a doula? if so, why and how was it? if not, why too? am thinking abt dis

YEs and it really helped me get through it , the massages for natural birth . My husband kind of froze though everything , it was very scare and tiring for him, emoitonally and mentally and doula's are trained to stay calm and give orders out when they dont know what to do .

I wanted a natural without epiu initially and she was there to help me thorough though I had an epi rightat the end

Georgia Lum
185 days ago
Hello Claire, would love to find out what's your day to day schedule like? How do you manage to find time to keep fit, work, and be a mom? Respect!

ITs always a hard task but getting rid of procrastination, keeping lists and schedule massively help. I always say that time spent on social media is time in the gym.

I struggle many days , but I try check my lists off. Exercise for me is integrated like breakfast , brushing teeth. IT easy to come up with an excuse of why you cant do something but you can find time to go to do your nails, hair , you've got to want to do it.

and if it means not being late, attending meetings,preparing food, cleaning the house then practice helps.

Its taken me 6 years to get his way and now I have a kid, I m a bit stricter on my priorities!

185 days ago
how's your milk supply like? do you eat certain foods to keep it up?
185 days ago

oh gosh breastfeeding is such a pain! the non-stop pumping.. do you use to pump all the time even at work? are you going to feed your second baby with BM too?

i stopped breast feeding at 7 months, i found it too hard to keep supply and keep pumping while working overseas without my kid and flying home. My period cam back early at 4 months unexpectedly so it was a fight to keep it up the next 3 months. I was sad but I let it go and happy not having to fuss anymore
185 days ago
was it difficult when you first got back on track after giving birth? did you feel very different? or scared/nervous?

Well i was bigger so one thing was I couldn't wear my suit ahaah , It had been over a year since Id been on a car, so i was very nervous and I had a terrible race weekend but its okay, I achieved what I set out to be, and I know  ive been there before I am still capable to re train to get there again mentally and physically.

Racing is hard and a sport you need to keep at it. SO I wasn't too hard on myself

185 days ago
where do you go for HIIT classes? 
Triple fit and I  I do my own outdoors
185 days ago
What's the best family cum sporty car in the budget of 150k? In Singapore context 
185 days ago
Used of course
185 days ago
Cliff asks.. 😁

At what stage of pregnancy will you not race 

I won't be racing form the beginning, the force of the seat belts is too high in the car when braking .
185 days ago
Do you enjoy being a mother??
absolutely, I believe its like anything else in the world, it show you view it. 
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