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Disclaimer: Any answers provided are for general informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor immediately. Always seek the advice of your doctor before starting or changing treatment.

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Disclaimer: Any answers provided are for general informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor immediately. Always seek the advice of your doctor before starting or changing treatment.




































































General Discussion

I’m A Highly Paid Shit Cleaner; AKA A Local Nurse In Singapore, AMA!

Posted by

Samantha Yap profile picture
Samantha Yap
VIP 254 days ago

Hello DxD community! I’m Samantha Yap. I’ll be replying to all your comments on Wednesday, 31 October 2018.

Some of you may remember me from my article where I busted 15 myths about nurses in Singapore here

Background: I am registered nurse in Singapore and I specialise in taking care of old people. I often call myself a 'highly paid, glorified shit cleaner.' People often perceive it to be a “lowly” job where it doesn’t require much brains, and it's far from the truth! We actually have to study as much as doctors. We spend the most time with patients, so we need to be well-versed in medical facts so that we can alert the doctor if there are any abnormalities. 

Being a nurse is really tough, but I still love it because I am very passionate about taking care of the elderly. Through this AMA, I hope to be able to shed light and give recognition to the good work that nurses do. 

Leave a comment below asking me anything about being a nurse in Singapore, e.g. :

  1. Why I, or any local would want to be in nursing
  2. How is a day in the ward exactly
  3. Should you choose nursing
  4. How is nursing a geriatric patient like
  5. What are the challenges faced when nursing patients with dementia
  6. How to deal with difficult patients and family members
  7. Do I get physically abused and if I do, what should I do
  8. Am I already apathetic to dying or the deceased
  9. Are there really ghost in hospitals
  10. Cute doctors in Singapore (ok just kidding)
#Singapore Healthcare
Comments (71)
254 days ago

Hi I'm Jeeyan, DxD's content editor, and I'll be moderating this AMA. Samantha will be coming on live Wednesday, 31 October at 12 pm to answer all your questions. Feel free to start leaving your questions and comments for Samantha below!

@Samantha,thanks for doing this DxD AMA :) My questions for you are:

1. Have you seen many patients pass on? How did that affect you?

2. From genitals, to wound, to poop, what do you find most disgusting about your patients? 

1. Hi JY! Thank you for asking me questions. (: 

Nursing dying patients is probably the most common thing among most nursing specialties. I have lost count of the number of patients I have “tabao”. I first witnessed and went hands-on on a deceased in my 2nd/ 3rd as a nursing student. I remembered vividly that it was patient who passed away due to penile cancer. (No laughing please.) 

Surprisingly I was not afraid of it. In fact I felt intriguied by the last office process and was pretty honoured that I got to provide my care at his end of life.

2. Genitals vs wound vs poop. To be honest I don’t think they’re visually disgusting. They are disgusting only when they start to produce smell. In my opinion, infected sacral wound, or necrotic foot produce the smelliest odour than anything. 

252 days ago
I'm in the service industry and think that it's bad enough dealing with lousy customers and fussy clients... but you deliberately chose to be a nurse!! I'm very curious as to your motivations in choosing this career...
I’m sorry to disappoint but I have to be blantantly honest with you. When I was 16, the only reason why I chose nursing is because of the stability of the job. 😬 But of course as I go along I slowly developed the interest in caring for my patients. 
251 days ago
Hi Sam, I want to go into nursing but don't really know much of what it's about. My friends say that it would be suitable for me because I'm a caring person... but after reading what you wrote, I know that being caring is not enough... I actually have two questions:

1. What do you think it takes to be a nurse besides being caring and compassionate?

2. What are good reasons to choose to become a nurse (since it seems like all our parents want us to become doctors lol)

Thanks :D :D

Nursing is more than just passion. Of course with passion, you’ll be happier working. With passion, patient can feel your genuine love and care towards them. 

However, nursing is a test of patience when your patients buzz you hourly to vent their frustrations because they have fasted since 8am for that scan which you’re unsure of the timing because the radiology department has to slot them in  and it’s really at your control at all. Or when patients are in a bad mood and they can just flare up at you over anything, and insist that they’re the one who pay for salary. 

It is critical thinking, when your patient’s BP crashed and you have to decide if you’re supposed to recheck, or look out for further symptoms that might alarm you to potential serious complications. 

It is time management, when it is freaking 8:30am and you have 8am tube feeding, 8am routine medications, pre-meal medications for diabetic patients who needs their insulin before they eat and diet has been served right in front of them, tempting their every soul. All these that are waiting for you to be done because because your team members are also busy struggling with patients who wish to take a shower before they eat, and another patient who cannot even walk to the toilet but insists to go because that is the only way he can pee. And oh no the ah gong who has got dementia is getting out of bed and you have to attend to him right before he falls! They say a hungry man is an angry man. Tick tock tick tock, don’t forget your diabetic patients are still waiting for their 7am insulin because it’s already 8:45am now and some of them have already finished sipping their coffee.

I can go on and on but there are just so many things a nurse does besides cleaning backside and shit. Like how every nurse meme says, we prevent doctors from killing patients. 🙃🙂 

If I have to say something positive about nursing is that we know our patients better than doctors. Look, nurses are 24/7 with the patients and we stick to our patients till they get discharged. You may be “just a nurse” but to them you’re their safety blanket when they’re afraid of the uncertainties, you’re their coming home when they need to vent their frustrations. You will understand me when you become a nurse one day and your patients recognize you outside and go “there that nurse!” and they continue to brag to their friends and relatives on how you made their stay more enjoyable. It is an indescribable feeling. 

251 days ago
What do you think are the most thankless parts of being a nurse? I mean we already know that Singaporeans are quite a demanding and ungrateful bunch - are there any things that nurses in Singapore do, on a daily basis, that you think deserve more recognition?
Hi Elaine! Well... I can’t say all are like that but yes I’m sure we all have met a fair share of such species. 

I think one thing about Singaporeans is that they have failed to recognize how fortunate they are when it comes to healthcare. I mean 70% of subsidy? The government doesn’t have to do that, but they did. Foreigns colleagues have share how the citizens actually have to bring a bag of money to the hospital in order to seek treatment. In Singapore, we treat everybody regardless your SES. End day, if they run away without paying a single cent, it’s ME, tax payer’s money that paid their debts. 

So... it’s really not nice of them when they say things like “I PAY YOU YOUR SALARY HOR!”

251 days ago
What’s the one time that you f***ed up most as a nurse? 
Thanks ah Ethan. Bet you’re munching the box of McNuggets waiting for my reply. 

Erm well... I didn’t really fucked up as a nurse but when I was younger I was quite hot headed. I remember that I was still a nursing student when I encountered this really cranky and grumpy renal patient who demanded to be discharged. I ended up quarrel with him and I slammed my badge on his table, challenging him to write a feedback about me. 

I was counselled by my lecturer for being an “ah lian”. Lol. 

Leslie Tan
251 days ago
Do you find that you fall sick more often, being around sick patient all the time?? I’m a bit of a hypochondriac, and can never imagine what a “hazard” it must be to be constantly close to ill people. 

The worse thing is that you might be told off for “incapable of taking care your own body, so how are patients going to trust you under their care”. 😢 Please appreciate us more guys, we still have to nurse your sick body even with our sick body. 

251 days ago
How do you handle it when family members tell you not to break bad news, like a cancer diagnosis to a patient? I’m a Singaporean nursing student studying in Australia, and I’ve heard that it’s common practice to “collude” with the family in hiding bad news from the patient, which goes against everything that I’m taught here. What do you think of hiding bad news? 
Very excellent topic. This is a debatable topic and I had a great time arguing on both fences during my days in advance diploma - gerontology. 

In Asian countries, it is very common for family members to be the “spokespersons” or even main decision maker. By decision maker I meant, they have the right to tell us not to reveal diagnosis to patients. We respect that. However, as healthcare professionals, it if often a dilemma on whether to tell or not to tell, because if we don’t, are we breaching our integrity towards our patients by lying to them?

For me, because I’m Geron trained and is an Advance Care Planning advocator, I will tell the family members that, if patients ever ask about their condition, we would ask them for their insights of the disease, and what makes them want to ask if they’re sick, having cancer, or at their end stage of life. Most likely if they asked, they would have already known. And if they ever want to know, we are obligated to reveal to them their condition because they are still at their sound mind. For me I’m definitely a pro-patient nurse, because have you ever wondered what if he/ she has some deep dark secrets, unfulfilled wishes and only to find out at a later date? It will only be unfair to them that family members have hidden the diagnosis to them just because they assume that patient will not be able to accept the breaking news. They have to see in patient’s point of view that if he/ she knows that their days are ticking, they might be able to make arrangements to ease them through their end of life. 

252 days ago
Hi Samantha, I just wanna say, nurses really don't have it easy!! I benefit so much from the skill and compassion of those nurses who looked after me whenever I was in hospital or a clinic for some health issues... so thanks so much for the work you do.

Whats the most difficult thing that you think nurses have to deal with? How do you deal with them in such a hectic job?

Hi Pammie! Thank you for your gratitude and appreciation towards us. 

Nothing is as tacky as handling demanding customers. I am pretty sure we see difficult customers everywhere as long as we are in the service line. One size doesn’t fit all. While appreciative people like you thank us for our wonderful service, we have the other half threatening us that they will write in to MOH, or to lodge a police complaint because we don’t meet their expectation. 

Handling such situations aren’t always easy, especially when things get out of hand. (Literally) I was sent to courses like conflict management, where I learn about self defence techniques if I ever encounter patients/ family members who may potentially turn aggressive or physically abusive. 

Mr Hyacinth Bucket
251 days ago

This brings back memories... I used to live with a nurse in uni and she would share the craziest stories with me and my housemates. All kinds of gross and scary and sad stories.

I really hate mess and dirt bad smell and it gives me goosebumps (yeah I'm a guy lol)... do you guys really get used to the smells and poop and stuff?? How do you deal with it every day?

And what about the heartache? Do you really ever get used to it, when sad things happen? I don't know how I would be able to deal with that!

Hats off to you!

You’ll be surprised! For me personally I actually got so used to the smell that I don’t wear a mask at all. But when it comes to changing my son’s diaper I almost puked. But don’t worry, if ever there is any smell we can’t handle, we have our masks! It helps sometimes when I chew a candy and breathe into my mask to cover that awful stench! 

I have encountered 2 sad events which broke me down. 

First was a young patient who was supposed to be discharged that day. But she collapsed and we spent 45 minutes to an hour resuscitating. Eventually patient did not make it. Patient’s mum was supposed to pick her that day but little did she know that she is picking the patient from ward to the mortuary. I felt helpless and sorry because we all have tried our best but could not resuscitate her. What broke me is that because I’m also a mom, I cannot imagine fetching my kid from the hospital just to see him lying there lifelessly. ): 

Second time was this old woman who is a single mom. According to her daughter, dad passed away and since then, she took the responsibilities of raising and supporting all the kids. It wasn’t that much of a sad moment but as I listened to the daughter speaking the good of the patient, it felt like a motivation to me. I got pretty overwhelmed and emotional when she knows that I’m also a mom and started encouraging me to continue the good work, to never stop what I am doing.  

251 days ago
Going anon here because. But have you ever been hit on here by patients, fellow hospital workers because you are super pretty, and how do you deal with it? Are hospitals really like Grey Anatomy where everyone is dating/sleeping with each other? 
Siew Yun
251 days ago
Haha this question was on my mind too!! Have you ever been hit on by a doctor in your hospital, and how did you deal with it? Was it awkward???? (I must have been watching too many K dramas)
Shi Yun
251 days ago
Originally posted by Anon
Going anon here because. But have you ever been hit on here by patients, fellow hospital workers because you are super pretty, and how do you deal with it? Are hospitals really like Grey Anatomy where everyone is dating/sleeping with each other? 

Hahaha plus one here. I’d love to know if it’s true that doctors/nurses hook up in the call room etc. 

Awww nahhh staph! I’m not super pretty la... just quite pretty only. ((:

They say don’t eat where you shit. I never am interested in any co-worker/ doctor-nurse kind of relationship. 

But *flips hair* with my beauty I definitely should have people hitting on me... Surprisingly, the numbers are low. 

I’ve had a blind female patient who proposed to me on behalf of her son. She said that even though she can’t see, she could feel my genuine care towards the patients with her heart. I mean I just had to decline politely because I almost wanted to ask her “AUNTY YOU BLIND IS IT??” I can’t do that because... well, you know. 

Doctor who hit on me... just one. Pretty awkward because I still bump into him sometimes. 

I’m not sure about the sleeping around part, maybe external hospital affair? There are way too many CCTVs to even fool around!

251 days ago
Sorry kaypoh question here, but who are the most common “couple pairings” at hospital? Is it nurse/doctor, physio/pharmacist, patient/nurse.. or...?? (Second year nursing student). Got a crush on one of the doctors in my ward. Any tips for attracting his attention? 

We have a couple of doctor-nurse , nurse-nurse, nurse-physio, doctor-doctor pairing. I can’t decide which is the most common! 

Doctors barely have time to look at nursing students! I mean cmon they didn’t even look at me! 😆😆😆 Jokes aside, I don’t have any tips for you but maybe concentrate on passing out first, start working and maybe the right one will come! 

Sophie Lim
251 days ago
Is it possible to have children even as a full time nurse??? I understand that nurses work long shifts. I am currently pursuing a diploma in nursing, and about to get married soon. I just have no idea if it’s possible to have kids while being a full time nurse in Singapore.
Wow I’m glad you asked. I love inspiring people with my story. I’m a single mom of a 3 year old monkey. I bring him up on my own, I have to pay rent, I live with him. I just completely my advance dip this May. Anything is possible, let alone you who actually have a husband. (: when there’s a will, there’s a way. 
Correction: I just completed* my advance diploma this May. (:
251 days ago
How much do nurses in Singapore earn, and what’s the pay and career progression like? Is it true that it’s much better in the private sector, and nurses “jump ship” as soon as they can? If pay is indeed much lower, what compels nurses to remain in the public sector? 
I have a colleague who used to be in private sector and has now joined public, she shared some of her own opinions on the differences between both sectors with me. (May or may not be true as it’s based on her point of view.)

- tough long working hours, sometimes double shift

- lesser hierarchy but unequal manpower and seniority

- workflow are often not as standardized as public as they often carry out their care based on consultant’s personal preference and way of doing things 

- 6 days work week (not sure if it’s still like this now) 

- higher basic pay, but if comparing per annual income, it may be lesser as the bonus and incentives are not as high as government hospitals 

- slow career progression as they do not have enough resources eg. Sending staff for courses, advance studies, further achievements 

- most of patients have a caregiver 24-7 to ease the workload of nurses 

Selene Yoe
251 days ago
Is it ever awkward having to handle male and female private parts? I mean, I get that most patients are probably old, but I’m sure you must have had some youngish patients too - what was that like? 
There’s a reason why we have to handle their genitals: because of the inability to self care. Sooooo, 90% of the time we do not need to touch younger patient’s genitals. And if they’re young and need help in basic hygiene, most likely they do not have enough mental capacity to be aware of such awkward situation. There’s absolutely no awkwardness at all because it is just like cleaning babys’ genitals, we don’t feel shy or embarrassed when we touch them, do we?
251 days ago
Have you ever scolded a doctor before, and why? :D as an add on, have you ever met a really BAD doctor before, and what made you think he was bad? 
251 days ago
+1 for this question. I’m a second year overseas med student. Also, I’ve heard that doctors are “screwed” if they are hated by nurses. Haha how does that happen?? Ie are there known despised doctors in the ward, who are given a hard time by the nursing staff because they are difficult? How do nurses get their “revenge”?
Hahaha we scold them all the time if they don’t do things properly.

We don’t do revenge because at the end of the day, patient’s life and health are at stakes. It’s more like if we know a particular doctor has got a bad habit eg. Non compliant to infection control,  takes his time to review patients, or constantly having his nose up, we probably will just draw our lines clear. Which means certain things nurses could have helped, we won’t. 

The screwed moment is when they fail cannulation and have to ask us for help 😂

247 days ago
Hey! Just wondering if you've ever been met with unethical dilemmas and how did you handle them?
Definitely. The most common ones are, to tell or not to tell the end stage patients about their diagnosis, and whether to restraint patients or not. We do have a set of protocols to follow but end day, there is no right or wrong as long as you know you’re doing it for the best interest of the patients. 

For me personally, if I encounter family members who specifically request not to reveal diagnosis, we usually will respect that. However, if the patients start asking, or show signs of insight, I won’t deny let them reflect by asking “What do you think? Why do you think so?” I will definitely not say things like “Don’t worry. You’ll get well.”

Geri nurses are generally anti-restraints. Most of the time I would tell my colleagues that it IS possible to be restraint free. (I’m talking about confused, patients with dementia, not the ones who are aggressive and agitated, or those who are potentiated to remove IV lines or NG tubes.)

Many of times, when patients are confused, they get more confused when we tie them. Most nurses would say, they’re very high risk of falling because they are confused, they might get out of their bed. But what they didn’t realize is that having physical restraints pose higher risk of them falling. Usually when I’m on shift I would remove it, and apply when necessary. 

It’s funny I remember how there was this patient who has dementia and is constantly confused. Other shifts would tie him, and he would become more confused. But when it’s my shift, I released him throughout my 8 hour shift with close supervision. That’s certainly a proud moment for me. 

251 days ago
What should I share with my nursing student friend to encourage and motivate her? I must say that she’s getting abit paranoid about graduating and starting in the working world....
There must be a reason why she chose to study nursing. I would say give it a try, if after 2 years she’s still unsure about nursing, she can always try something else! One magical moment of nursing is that no matter how tough the outside world is, nursing doors will always be opened. 
251 days ago
What do you think the Singapore government can do to encourage more people to take up nursing as a career? I mean, let’s be frank. It’s long hours, low pay; a lot of thankless work that goes unnoticed and unreconised. (I feel like Singaporeans tends to only respect doctors) Do you have any suggestions that may help to improve interest in nursing as a career?
In my own opinion, I always think that in order for people to respect the job, they have to have expectations for the job. If I were to put it bluntly, you can enter nursing in almost any level, be it a fresh grad from ITE, polytechnics or NUS. Whereas for doctors they have to go through a good few years of medical school! 

I met a secondary school mate last year and she was only a house officer when I’m alr 6 year in nursing. See the career path and the amount of education needed? I would suggest that it would be better if we raise the standards of nursing, by providing few years of studying with maximum exposure to different clinical grounds just like how doctors do. 

Surely we want our nurses who are caring for us to to fully understand the discipline they choose and to have burning passion and interest in the area of field they work. 

Nicholas Chia
251 days ago
Have you ever been witness to any spooky or supernatural occurrences in the hospital? (Or heard of colleagues who had?)
250 days ago
Yes I heard that CGH and a few other hospitals are prone to mysterious events at 3-4 am in the morning...
249 days ago
Well, they said ghosts are souls of the deceased. I’m sure spooky encounters will be everywhere, not just hospitals. Remember when we were in primary school playing sandpits, even the piping can be rumored as dead skeleton! 

So far I’ve not encountered but definitely have heard stories. 

1. Callbell of an isolation room buzzing during night shift (probably midnight already) when there’s no patient.

2. Patient who claimed that she was disturbed by her mattress because it kept “breathing”. Patient is middle aged, alert and mentally sound. 

3. Night nurse was giving tube feeding to a patient in a single room. Single room windows reflected a white shadow behind her. (Eeeeek deal breaker)

Tracy tan
251 days ago
Do you think that doctors and/or Singaporeans look down on nurses in general? I’m considering a career in nursing, but my family think that it’s a crappy job where everyone looks down on you, and doctors treat you like their “maids”. 
I would like to see it as nurses are like the mums of a family. We do EVERYTHING.  Call it “shit job”, call it “noble calling”, whatever. To look down on nurses it’s like telling your mum that she sucks, that our maids can do better than them. 

Let’s not talk about being a nurse. Even as being a human, you don’t simply quit life just because people might look down on you. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy and will happen only if you allow it to. (: 

251 days ago
What has been your most rewarding/memorable experience of being a nurse?
249 days ago
Rewarding part of being a nurse, as cliche as it sounds, is definitely to make a difference in patient’s life.

Not all nurses are there to save lives. Nursing is not just about saving lives because we have too many specialties in nursing. (YES! Nursing is not just ONE jobscope. We have up to 23 specialized advanced nursing courses in Singapore for you to choose from.) 

It is extremely satisfying when patient came to you in “horrible” conditions: electrolytes haywire like the instability of my relationship,  sugars spike like the government’s water pricing, necrotic black wound almost like my soul, mental confusion just like my life path, all these being nursed back to at least near normal. 

And then you see them occasionally in hospital, going for regular appointments and that’s when you know that they’re doing pretty well to not be readmitted again. 

My most memorable experience in my 7 years has got to be this story, where I’ve retold multiple times. Patient came in without family members. After staying for weeks, he deteriorated because he has been refusing food since then. He entered coma and we were expecting him to demise within days. One day, social worker managed to find out that he actually has a niece, whom he dotes dearly. Niece managed to fly back from overseas and we thought this is it, he finally can go in peace. (Interesting fact: believe it or not, if a person is at their end of life with prognosis of few hours’ time yet they still hang on, we believe it’s most likely because they have unfulfilled wish. It could be wanting the most important person in their life to pay them last visit, spiritual ritual, food, or whatever.) Here it comes: he is still not going after almost a week. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to curse my patients to die. Quality of life is not longer optimal when they are critically ill and frail, parameters in suboptimal reading. So what I did was, I read his case file, his social notes again and again. He was found at the roadside. Based on my encounters, most patients who passed out along the roadsides have a probability of being an alcoholic. I instructed my colleagues who will be on duty next day to bring a can of beer. They screened the curtain, dab some beer soaked cotton balls on his lips at 12pm. At 2pm, patient is finally free from pain. (: 

God, still my most favourite story to tell. 

Elizabeth L
251 days ago
How do you deal with the long hours of being a nurse in Singapore??? I mean, I’ve heard that you guys have to do nights, weekends etc. How on earth are you still able to have a life/date/spend time with your family etc? Do you even have any time for yourself; or to do things you enjoy? 
It’s actually not that bad! When we are having our off days on a weekdays, there hardly are any crowds! Movies, restaurant buffet are cheaper too! 
Colin low
251 days ago
Memory of most favourite patient, and memory of most hated patient, and why. Go!
251 days ago
I’d add on to this, and ask you who are your favourite and least favourite types of patients, and why. 
Omg this is tough! I have a lot favourite patients because I think most of my elderly patients are extremely cute. 

My most favourite patient is my monkey son because he’s the cheekiest and most obedient patient when it comes to taking oral meds. I load up syringes and he would flush it all in his mouth. 

Don’t have a particular hated patient, maybe just dislike patients who are unreasonable and demanding. Oh oh, I know of this bedbug aunty who comes in frequently and we always pray hard that she doesn’t get admitted to our ward! EEEEKKKK!   

Favourite TYPES of patients will definitely be those who can take our jokes. Work can be so stressful sometimes, I would greatly appreciate patients who are chilled enough to let me roast them!  
Tuan Lau
251 days ago
What’s the best way to catch the attention of a nurse/ask her out? :D I’ve had a long time crush on a nurse friend of mine. 
Just ask her out! 
Steve Yun
251 days ago
Any tips hacks to get in the good books of nurses? I visit my granddad regularly in hospital as he’s recovering from a stroke, and just want to make sure that the nursing staff “like us” :)
Rehabilitation is one of the most important component in stroke recovery. Well I guess the therapists can really use some support from you guys.  

A stroke can cause depression and it’s important for family members to continue to provide emotional and social support to the patients. I don’t know the severity of your granddad’s stroke, but by patiently motivating his mobility everyday will eventually pay off! 

Felix li
251 days ago
Why is it that nurses seem to never know what’s going on?? My father in law is in hospital, and it always seems like I need to demand to speak to the doctor in order to find out what’s happening. 
Nurses are allowed to give brief updates about medical condition and we definitely update main spokesperson pertaining to nursing care. 

However, it is the doctors’ job to update on patients’ condition because the whole team of doctors, together with the consultant make medical decisions for the patients. We will not be able to answer for the doctors should family members start asking why certain treatment/ medications are being carried out/ prescribed. 

251 days ago
1. How do you unwind after a long day at work? Do you and your colleges hang out a lot? 

2. I’ve heard that nursing staff can be a really gossipy and bitchy lot 😂 how true is this? 

3. Is it true that nurses snack none stop?

How I unwind? Just unplug myself from anything related to work. When I was younger I did Muay Thai and gym after morning shift, or before my afternoon shift. 

Now that I’m older I’m just too tired. All I want is to get the hell out and spent time with my family at home. 

I think gossipy and bitchy has got nothing to do with our profession. As long as we are women we all are! 😂

Well, we have to snack every now and then if we are lucky enough. Work is too hectic that we barely have time for meal breaks, or even toilet breaks! Do you know 2 out of 3 nurses have suffered from UTI as early as their first 2 years of nursing career? (I just made that stats up but you get what I mean.)

251 days ago
Have you ever had patients whom *ahem were behaving inappropriately/touching themselves inappropriately, and how did you deal with it? I’ve heard that long-stayers in hospitals sometimes tend to be quite “deprived”. 
251 days ago
What’s your most hated and favourite things to do/ procedures as a nurse? I could probably never stand having to constantly clean up after patients myself.

I hate having to multitask when I already have multiple tasks on hand. Usually I’ll be all tired, hungry, cranky, angry, urgent to pee and this is also the time when patients tend to buzz. 🙄

I quite like to do venepuncture and cannulation. But my favourite thing about being a nurse is when I successfully be an  “ah-gong ah-ma whisperer”. You know some elderly they’re just soooo grumpy like Carl Fredricksen in UP, they just go “mai la mai la, wa mai!!” to every nurse who attends. But some of them actually allowed me to convince them into doing certain things. 😎 (faster badumtssss for me)

Gracie Li
251 days ago
What would you tell your 18 year old self? 
251 days ago
1. Do nurses gossip about patients? 

2. What goes down in the nurses break room/staff lounge? I always see nurses appearing and disappearing from the break room lol

251 days ago
How many cardiac arrest cases/sudden patient collapse cases have you been involved in, and do the vast majority survive or die? Is it as dramatic as they make it out to be in the movies, with the shock pads and all? 
240 days ago
Are nursing leaders there to render help or condemn a nurse? What are your thoughts?
227 days ago
Whats the craziest case/patient youve had
227 days ago
what is the most gory/gross thing youve witnessed in your entire career.

have you witnessed any limb amputation before and do they just hack it away with a saw?

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