Here's How DoctorxDentist Gets You Answers To All Your Health Questions


DoctorxDentist works together with doctors to create the best page on the internet for any given health query— pages that are valuable and reusable resources for future patients and readers.

We use a variety of algorithmic factors to decide which answers should be ranked highly, and we update this system regularly.

The aim of the algorithm ranking is to put the most comprehensive and trustworthy answers at the top of the page.

The exact reason a particular answer is ranked higher or lower will depend on many factors with varying weightages. These factors may include:

  • The quality and ranking of previous answers written by the doctor

  • Number of answer views

  • How up-to-date an answer is

  • Other signals, including ones that help to prevent gaming of ranking

What does a quality answer look like?

Helpful answers:

  • Demonstrate credibility and are factually correct. Answers can demonstrate credibility by: providing reliable sources, listing good examples, and sharing first-hand experience in the subject.

  • Are supported with rationale. This helps the reader to understand why the answer is correct. 

  • Provide knowledge that is reusable by anyone interested in the question. 

How DoctorxDentist distributes high-quality answers

We will constantly improve DoctorxDentist to get better at rewarding quality answers with better distribution and reach, whether they are logged onto DoctorxDentist, reading our Digest emails, or coming to DoctorxDentist from Google and Facebook.

Surfacing the highest quality answers will enable DoctorxDentist to help the most people.

This means:
  • High quality answers should get a lot of distribution

  • Low quality answers should get minimal distribution.

  • The more helpful an answer is, the more likely it will (1) rank at or near the top of the page and (2) reach lots of readers.

  • Short answers that contribute little to the quality of the page won't get much distribution.

Over time, a high quality answer will garner many views and have a greater impact on the world. 

You can read this post to find out more about our editorial policy and team of contributors.

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