How Hair Loss Is Treated With Micrografts: A Doctor Discusses

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Hair loss may not affect a person’s day-to-day physical functioning, but it can have an effect on self-esteem, especially for people who have public-facing jobs. From hair tonics to transplants and now micrografts, hair treatments available in Singapore do not just stop at topical treatments but also extend beneath the skin. 

Regenera Activa is a micrograft-based hair loss treatment available in Singapore that is available for both men and women. It is an option for patients for whom hair transplants are unsuitable. 

Dr Justin Boey responded to DoctorxDentist readers’ questions about how hair loss is diagnosed by doctorshair loss in women with a receding hairline, as well as medically proven solutions available. Here are some key facts to note. 

Hair loss is often diagnosed through a medical consultation

a woman receiving scalp injections

Doctors typically diagnose hair loss and identify underlying causes through a medical consultation that involves a patient's personal medical history, followed by an examination of the scalp and sometimes even a full physical evaluation (including blood tests) to rule out any other medical conditions.

There are various causes of hair loss

a man's scalp with short hair

While the most common cause of hair loss has to do with genetics, there are other medical conditions that can also lead to the same issue.

Hair loss can also be caused by:

  • thyroid disease,
  • scalp infections such as ringworm,
  • as well as other diseases. [1]

Women are not excluded from hair loss

a womans hair in bathtub

Two causes of hair loss in women are female pattern hair loss and traction alopecia due to excessively tight ponytails. Stress can also be an underlying cause of female hair loss. [2] [3]

Regenera Activa can effectively restore hair

a man with hair transplanted onto his scalp

Regenera Activa can be described as a minimally invasive regenerative medical treatment that helps restore hair growth through the use of micrografts extracted from the patient’s own scalp.

First, your doctor takes skin samples from your healthy scalp that is only a few millimetres wide. These are split into small micrografts, that are small pieces of tissue with regenerative cells called mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors.

The micrografts are put into a liquid suspension containing these cells. This liquid suspension is then injected into the areas of the scalp suffering from hair loss.

When injected into the areas of the scalp that are losing hair, this can help restart hair growth without the side effects of medication and the risks of hair transplant surgery. [4]

Regenera Activa costs $3500/session and up

a mans car keys and wallet

The cost of Regenera Activa treatment in Singapore typically begins from $3500 per session. Treatment costs also include initial consultations and follow-ups if needed.

Ask your doctor for a detailed list of the steps he or she uses in your Regenera Activa treatment, how the treatment is customised to your particular history of hair loss, and how they are priced. [4]

Regenera Activa has many advantages over other techniques

a man with a bald spot talking to a doctor

Regenera Activa is known for its shorter, minimally invasive treatment process. It can be considered cost-effective compared to transplantation, and it eliminates cross-contamination of tissue, so there is an added measure of safety.

Results are visible in a few weeks as follicles on the scalp are activated and hair grows back. This is usually faster than oral medication for hair loss that may cause side effects for some patients. In addition, there is zero downtime compared to the home recovery needed for hair transplant surgery. [5]

Learn more about Regenera Activa here.

Micrografts can treat ulcers and skin wounds too

a man with balding hair being checked

It has been reported that autologous micrografting, the same technique used in Regenera Activa, can also effectively treat some ulcers and skin wounds due to the treatments’ regenerative characteristics. [6]

An accurate diagnosis is crucial for effective treatment

closeup of follicle and scalp cells

There are many proven treatments available for hair loss but an accurate diagnosis is important so that appropriate techniques can be customised to your own situation, stage of hair loss, and medical history. Sometimes, Regenera Activa can be combined with other hair treatments for a more holistic approach.

Seek a diagnosis from an experienced doctor who can do up a treatment plan catering to your needs, schedule, and lifestyle.

Dr Justin Boey’s practice of aesthetic medicine centres around the busy modern individual. He is experienced in Facial Aesthetics (lasers and injections) and hair loss treatments. Learn more about him here.



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