How To Become A DoctorxDentist VIP Member


DoctorxDentist was created based on a simple premise - that everyone should get free access to expert information from doctors. 

Back in the early days of DoctorxDentist, we noticed some users went above and beyond participating in our community. For example, these users actively wrote reviews and shared their health experiences on the DoctorxDentist forum to help other patients. 

Without these passionate voices, DoctorxDentist wouldn’t be what it is today. DoctorxDentist VIP is our way of recognizing these users who are active in the DoctorxDentist community. 

What are the benefits of being a DxD VIP?

DxD VIPs are designated by a orange badge on their profile. Here's what it looks like:


Some benefits of being a VIP include:

  • Priority question approval and answers from doctors
  • Exclusive invitations to free health seminars and talks 

More special privileges will be lined up soon for VIPs, so watch this space. 

Why do VIP users get quicker answers? 

99.9% of questions today get a doctor reply within 24 - 48 hours.

However, due to the popularity of our free Q&A service, there are inevitably limitations on how many questions get approved and answered each day. 

VIP users get all their questions approved first, which means quicker answers from doctors. 

Who can become a DoctorxDentist VIP?

VIP badges will be awarded based on DoctorxDentist activity over the past year. You'll receive activity points every time you:

  • Ask a question that gets approved
  • Write a review
  • Upload a photo
  • Add or update information about a doctor's listing (address for instance)
  • Upvote helpful doctor answers
  • Upvote helpful reviews
  • Participate in the forum

For a limited time only - become a DxD VIP instantly

DoctorxDentist is currently accepting a limited number of free VIP sign-ups:

Registering via this link will mean that your account will instantly be assigned a VIP badge.

And yes, you can share this link with your friends and family too! 

How long does DoctorxDentist VIP membership last? 

The DoctorxDentist VIP membership is a yearly program, so badges will only extend until the end of the calendar year.

As December approaches, we’ll automatically renew your membership based on your DxD activity over the past year.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a VIP user, drop us a message via our Contact Page and we will get in touch.

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