Brown Marks After A Facial Extraction? These Singaporean Doctors Explain How To Get Rid Of Them

Facial extractions can be great for clearing up clogged pores. However, some people have experienced dark, brown spots after the treatment. If you’ve experienced these as well, you’re probably wondering what's the cause and how to get rid of it. 

Experienced doctors from the DoctorxDentist community shared their professional insights with a 22-year-old reader. She was concerned about the brown marks that were left behind after a facial session. Here's what they had to say.

These marks are most probably due to inflammation

Dr Shane Abucewicz Tan explained that these bumps may be comedones and the brownish marks are probably post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (dark marks left after inflammation or trauma). [1]

PIH tends to be more common among Asians

hyper pigmentation more common in asian

Dr Shane notes that post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is a condition that's more prominent in Asian skin. [2]

Your body actually digests the extra pigment 

Dermatologist, Dr Ker Khor Jia, explains the reason behind these brown marks.

"Due to trauma and inflammation after your extraction, the body's immune response deposited extra colour in the form of brown pigment as part of the healing process. This will eventually fade with time as the immune system digests the extra pigment in the next few months." [3]

Isn’t your body just amazing?

Don't squeeze the congested pores, you're only making things worse

dont squeeze clogged pores

Dr Ker warns readers that when you squeeze the blocked pores on the face to extrude the oil in the pores, you are encouraging inflammation to occur. As a result, more brown marks will develop. 

In a rush? Lasers can help reduce PIH

Dr Shane personally prefers to use the picosecond laser. 

Generally, PIH responds rather variably to lasers, depending on the type you're using. With that being said, picosecond lasers have been shown to produce more effective results.

Mild chemical peels might work too

chemical skin peels singapore


Chemical peels are slightly stronger than your acidic toners. They are able to help speed up the breakdown and exfoliation of the skin and hence marks left behind by inflammation.

For patients with sensitive skin, Dr Ker recommends mandelic acid or pyruvic acid peels. According to her, they are specially formulated to gently exfoliate the skin. She finds them to be gentle yet effective when compared to traditional glycolic acid

LED lights can work too

LED light therapy

Certain LED light therapies, like the medical-grade Omnilux, can reinforce the regeneration process and nudge the skin to a speedy recovery.

However, be careful of cheaper light masks that can be bought off the web as they tend to have less energy and hence far less significant effects on the face.

Ever heard of Broadband Lights?

No, we aren't talking about the little green buttons that flicker on your Internet modem at home. Broadband Light (BBL) is an innovative technology that helps treat skin conditions associated with environmental damage or ageing.

This treatment can help, especially if lesions on the face are red as it can help eliminate the redness and reduce brown marks on the face.

Oral supplements may also help with PIH reduction

oral supplements for PIH

Dr Edmond Phua noted that oral supplements like sublingual glutathione can encourage melanin synthesis and gradually lighten PIH marks. This can also even out your skin tone and improve your overall complexion.

Topical creams can protect the skin from further damage

topical cream for hyper pigmentation

Dr Ker mentioned that topical medical-grade retinoids like tretinoin cream may be prescribed by doctors in order to gently exfoliate the skin and unblock pores, as well as prevent oil accumulation and future pore blockage. [4]

Concurrently, this can also lighten the marks. However, you'll have to use it consistently if you want to see any improvement.

Don't forget to use sunblock

apply sunblock daily

By applying sunblock (SPF 50) daily, you can prevent the marks from darkening any further. Remember, use a non-comedogenic sunblock, which won't block pores after application!

Article medically reviewed by Dr Shane Abucewicz TanDr Ker Khor Jia, and Dr Edmond Phua.

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Medically reviewed by Dr Shane Abucewicz Tan on 07/01/2019.
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