How To Remove Stubborn Fat Effectively With No Downtime?

Whether it's your stomach or thighs, most of us have one area of our body that we wish was more taut and toned. In our attempts to get rid of them we go for spin classes and pilates, but to no avail.

The truth is fat is complicated. We are all programmed to store fats in our body, and losing weight does not make fat cells go away. It only makes the fat cells smaller!

Since we are unable to get rid of these stubborn fats on our own, we turn to technology. CoolSculpting is a FDA-approved procedure to freeze (and thereby kill) fat cells.

Here’s how it works: An applicator will be applied to the areas you want to target. Then, it will deliver precisely controlled cooling to freeze and damage the fat cells underneath the skin. These fat cells will eventually die and be eliminated by your own body. 

Overtime, you will be able to see a more sculpted body. Watch the video to find out why I use this particular treatment to help my patients get rid of their stubborn fats. 

Prior to setting up Halley Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Terence Tan was the General Manager for the Specialist and Primary Care Division of Healthway Medical Group and Acting Vice President (Business Development) for the Parkway Shenton medical group. He obtained his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery and Master of Medicine (Surgery) from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and was accepted as a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) in 2003. He then furthered his training with medical aesthetic specialists. He is a happily married father to two boys. When not in his scrubs, he loves cooking for the family and planning their next holiday.

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