What should I do to protect my skin after laser resurfacing for acne scars?

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Dr Justin Boey

"Doctor with interest in Aesthetics and Lasers"

Your skin would be the most sensitive during the recovery phase after laser resurfacing for acne scars.

It takes away the top layer of your skin and a part of the second layer of your skin by superheating water within it. This controls the vaporization of skin cells, so the skin will respond by creating new, younger-looking skin. With that, the skin will get tighter. 

You should do the following to give your skin the best chance of recovery and to minimize side-effects.

1. Sun protection 

Sun lightweight or actinic radiation could a lot of simply burn your skin. Ideally, you should avoid the sun and re-apply sunblock >SPF30 every 3-4 hourly. [1]

2. Moisturise

The most important thing is to keep the skin hydrated and maintain the tissues moist. This will allow the epidermis to develop and repair. [2]

3. Fobancort

Your doctor could give you an antibiotic/anti-inflammatory cream for application till your skin fully recovers. The ointments will enhance the skin layer, dampening the inflammation. [3]

Other additional measures include:

  • Stem cell recovery serum - Calecim, AnteAge
  • Sheet masks - Rejuran masks, Hyaluronic acid masks


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