Apart from braces, what can be done to improve the appearance of my teeth? (photo)

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Dr Jaclyn Toh

"Dentist with an interest in comprehensive dentistry."

Some patients may just want straight teeth and are not concerned with the proportions of the teeth or the colour. A harmonious smile has optimal aesthetics in:

  • tooth size,
  • position,
  • proportions,
  • shape and
  • colour.

Some patients like a very obvious "done" look with very white and straight teeth with little variation in tooth form. They may feel that it is not worth spending so much on their teeth if people cannot tell at first glance what they have spent their money on.

Other patients may prefer subtle aesthetics that is hyper-natural but "perfected".

Determining the kind of look you want and your long term goals will provide you and your dentist the tools to select the appropriate treatments. These can run the gamut from:

  • braces,
  • teeth whitening,
  • gum surgery,
  • orthognathic jaw surgery,
  • veneers,
  • crowns etc.

The first step in deciding on the mode of treatment for anyone is to group your needs in three categories:

  1. What is necessary to change
  2. What would be nice to change, and
  3. What is unnecessary to change

From your picture, improvements can be made in tooth position, colour, size and shape. Do please note that braces will only be able to improve your tooth position, as a result, the final appearance will be a compromised solution.

What may also be advised is to widen your smile so you show more teeth when you do smile. This will also give you more support for your upper lip. Through the use of dental veneers, your teeth can be made into the desired size, shape and colour.

The height and shape of your gums can be adjusted to give a more harmonious smile.

Changes like this require a more holistic approach. It is not enough just to give you straight teeth but to also have a smile that is harmonious with your face, personality and taste.

I trust that this will give you a clearer understanding of your aesthetic goals when choosing your method of treatment and dentist.

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