Are facial treatments at aesthetic clinics effective for acne outbreaks?

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I would recommend you have a detailed talk with your doctor on the timeline and history of your outbreaks. Adult onset acne is a common occurrence and can be due to issues ranging from hormonal issues, change in skincare as you mentioned, or even undiagnosed medical conditions.
Treatment then depends on the underlying problem. Initial treatment to reduce sebaceous gland activity and reduce acne occurance and the other issues that follow, such as scars and redness, can be managed with techniques ranging from lasers and peels to oral medication.
Ultimately the resolution may depend on the effective elimination of the underlying problem.

So do seek a proper detailed consult to find a more definitive solution to your current issue.

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Hello J

Thank you for your question. As Dr Shane has mentioned, it is important to find out the underlying trigger of your sudden outbreak of acne and tailor the treatment accordingly. 

As for facial treatments, it is important to find out what kind of facial the clinic is offering. Some facials may come with mild peels or contain active ingredients that will help to exfoliate the skin and control comedones. These may help with mild acne outbreak. 

However I feel the best way to control and tackle acne outbreak is still through a combination of the following depending on severity: 

  • topical antibiotics (clindoxyl/ clindamycin gel) 
  • topical retinoids (retin A/ differin) 
  • oral antibiotics (doxycycline/ minocycline) 
  • chemical peels 
  • lasers 

Acne facial can be done to compliment acne treatment but I don't think you should rely on it solely for acne outbreaks. Speak to a doctor to find out more. 


Dr Jiwei Wu

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