Are Indians less susceptible to stomach cancer because their diet contains lots of natural herbs like turmeric?

Doctor's Answers (1)

We know that turmeric and certain things are anti-carcinogenic. And we know some of the remedies, some of the pills do have turmeric.

I don’t think it’s that in itself, but the Indians have a lower incidence of gastric cancer. The flip side of this is that the Indians have a higher incidence of colon cancer. There’s genetic relevance, and diet certainly has an impact on the risk.

Certain parts of China, where the food intake is of a certain type, the risk of gastric cancer is higher. In Japan, the H. pylori infection rate is higher, so that’s one thing that we know.

In Korea, we think it’s a combination of diet and H. pylori infection. So there are lots of specific reasons. To answer the question, diet does play a part but there are genetics and other reasons as well.

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