Are supplements (e.g. vitamin D) effective in preventing COVID?

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This is one of several similar questions on types of food and Vitamins to "boost immunity". There is no one specific Vitamin that can significantly increase your immunity.

There are some very good research papers on Vitamins to show they help our cell functions to work. It helps the immune system, wound healing, and in cancer-fighting. But, I emphassze, at the cell level.

As long as we take enough whole foods and fruits in our daily diet, we should have enough Vitamins. As for anything, too much of a good thing may be harmful!

Read these links on the recommended dietary for a healthy body:

I'm guessing this is not the answer you are looking for. Everyone hopes
for a "magic bullet", eat that one thing to:

1. cure cancer
2. cure depression
3. gain vitality
4. conceive a boy etc.

The science of it is that there is no such single factor.

The best protection against Covid-19, is prevention. Prevention of Covid-19 is to prevent any exposure. Ideally, that means, stay at home. If you have to leave the house for essential errands, wear a mask. Most importantly, practice good hand hygiene and do not touch your face.

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