Are there any benefits in using orthodontic treatment to create space for unerupted wisdom teeth to erupt?

Doctor's Answers (1)

Thank you for your question. Wisdom teeth also known as the third molars are the last teeth to erupt and usually erupts from age 18-25 years old.

Generally speaking, most people do not have room for their wisdom teeth and it is quite common for wisdom teeth to be impacted or unable to erupt into a proper position. 

However, if you have a compromised molar tooth (due to tooth decay, developmental problems such as hypomineralisation, or cracks), or if you have missing teeth, having the unerupted wisdom tooth as a replacement is also a good treatment alternative. However, if you do not have such conditions and have your full set of permanent teeth, then there is not much benefit in creating space for the wisdom teeth as there are sufficient teeth in the mouth for proper function.

Furthermore, if the wisdom teeth are unable to erupt it is likely due to a lack of space in the mouth and space creation may require sacrificing either tooth structure or extraction of teeth which will not give you any added benefit. 

Hope this helps and all the very best, 

Dr Priscilla Lu


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