Are there any risks of LASIK if I had double eyelid surgery in the past?

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If you have done your double eyelid surgery for at least 3 months before your LASIK surgery, there should not be any significant added risk.

Dr David Chan

"Ophthalmologist with over 20 years of experience"

There is usually minimal risk involved for post-double eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) in patients who wish to have laser vision correction (PRK, LASIK, ReLEx SMILE).

Post-blepharoplasty patients may experience dry eye after the surgery. If you are experiencing any long-term dryness, do let your ophthalmologist know. Your ophthalmologist will measure your tear production and also observe if your eyes are able to close properly during the pre-laser evaluation. If you do have dry eye, you might be more suited for PRK and SMILE as they give a lower incidence of dry eye compared to LASIK.

As long as your eyes are able to close properly and you have a healthy amount of tear production, laser vision correction can be performed with minimal risks. Do consult your ophthalmologist to discuss options best suited for your eyes.  

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