Are there any topical products that can help with pitted acne scars, or must I opt for fractional laser treatment? (photo)

Doctor's Answers (3)

Hello Bemme

Thank you for your question. You can try topical retinoids (retin A/ differin) which will help with mild acne scars, acne control, skin texture and oily skin.

Use it at night for 1 to 2 months, and you should be able to see some results. However it is not enough to shrink your pores. 

A fractional resurfacing laser or microneedling fractional radiofrequency treatment can be done in combination for better results and more severe acne scars and uneven skin texture.

It will also improve small to medium sized pores. Speak to a doctor to find out more. Hope this helps! 


Dr Jiwei Wu

From the picture you submitted, it appears that your main issues seem to be oily skin, enlarged pores and open comedones (black heads). 

If your main concern is enlaged pores and open comedones I would suggest options of:

1. Medium-depth chemical peels

2. Carbon lasers

3. Rejuran Healer 

This is of course in addition to already having a good cleanser, exfoliator-scrub or mild AHA, toner, moisturiser and SPF 50 broad spectrum sunscreen as a base. 

Key is to find a doctor you can trust to assess your skin health face-to-face and explain the various options and recommendation specific to you.


Dr David Deng

I would actually like to use some TCA cross which means using concentrated acid to help reduce the appearance of the scars and pores. This is a recommended treatment for icepick scars and deep pores.

Combining this with fractional laser is probably your best chance to reduce the complexion issue you mentioned.