Are there conditions or diagnoses that can be confused with stomach cancer because of similar symptoms?

Doctor's Answers (1)

Yes. As I mentioned, some of the symptoms can be very subtle. You may not be having symptoms. Some people have ulcers, some have gallstones, and they experience bloating. Occasionally people have food poisoning. It’s really figuring out what is what. Unfortunately, at times like this, it’s very difficult to decide

We, as a professional, would say “okay, what are the chances of this being a stomach cancer, what’s the chance of it being something completely different?” So it’s really taking the context into consideration. 

So if you’re young, and you’re having a bout of acid and we give you treatment -- it’s probably a bit of gastritis, a bit of ulcer, or it could be when you’re eating and you overeat. Or it could be a bile infection. 

Compared to all the signs that I mentioned before -- persistent bloating, persistent acid reflux even after you’re given acid tablets. Then those are warning signs, and those are things that -- it’s really trying to get that mishmash of symptoms together and trying to peel that away for what it is.

It’s not quite like colon cancer where your biles change and you’re constantly constipated and think that’s strange. That’s where the problem lies.

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