Why isn't botox working in getting rid of my sore jaws?

Doctor's Answers (1)

A similar question was asked and it is very common as many patients face the same problems due to the high levels of stress. 

TMJ is usually caused by the continual grinding/clenching (Bruxism) of teeth during your sleep. doctors can use medication such as Botox to treat TMJ symptoms to alleviate the pain temporarily, however you would still be left with the other symptoms. Unless you treat the reason why these muscles are cramping, it will keep coming back.


However, in some cases as you are experiencing, even the botox is unable to alleviate this pain. Dentists are able to manage the condition in a much more conservative and long term way.

Bruxism is a condition that is triggered by high-stress levels. The symptoms associated with bruxism number over 40.

These include:

• Jaw Pains

• Cramping in the trapezius muscles

• Frequent stress headaches

• Overly-developed masseter muscles

• Lack of quality sleep and even eye bags/dark circles.

• More serious cases can result in the cracking of the posterior teeth and movement of the tooth position.


A dentist can fabricate a custom mouthguard that you wear in your sleep to reduce these symptoms. This will provide a more holistic, preventative solution which would be a long-term solution rather than to simply treat the symptoms. Treating the reason why all these side effects come about would be more effective than simply treating a single side effect.

Understanding how the mouthguard works in reducing these symptoms do require a detailed explanation.

Do consult with your dentist to fully understand the concept!