Can cataract surgery and LASIK be done at the same time?

Doctor's Answers (1)

Cataract surgery and LASIK are never performed at the same time on a particular eye.

Each has it's own indications, ie reasons for a patient undergoing the procedure.

So if a person has a cataract, then they need cataract surgery and not LASIK.

If a person does not have a cataract, but wants to reduce their need to wear glasses or contact lenses, then LASIK can be considered as an option.

That said, here are some things to consider.

1. Cataract surgery can change an eye's refractive power. By choosing lens implants of a particular power, myopia/hyperopia/astigmatism can be reduced.

2. Nothing, not cataract surgery, and not LASIK, can cure presbyopia or Lao Hua.

3. Any person who undergoes cataract surgery will have full presbyopia/Lao Hua in that operated eye after surgery. Compromises to minimise the impact of this presbyopia include monovision and multifocal lens implants, but these are not perfect and each have their own downsides.