Can fillers correct and fix a crooked nose? (photo)

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Fillers have traditionally been used as a non surgical option for nose augmentation in what has been commonly referred to as injection rhinoplasty. In recent years the popularity of fillers for this indication has declined due to the reported potential complication of blindness as well as the emergence of the popularity of nose Threadlifts.

A detailed assessment of the nature of the deviated nose is important before deciding if it can be corrected with the use of fillers. If the deformity is fixed and extreme correction would probably be best served through a surgical rhinoplasty.

Assuming that correction is possible with fillers the choice of a correct filler is important as well as the skilll and experience of the doctor. The filler chosen should have a high lifting capacity and not easily subjected to deformation by pressure so that it stays in the correct position. The filler should usually last about 9- 12 months assuming a non permanent filler is used.

It is also important for the doctor to discuss with the patient whether the likelihood of a full correction is possible. In some cases combination with nose threads may lead to a better aesthetic outcome.

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Fillers can help to correct your slightly crooked nose temporarily. 

On average, results of fillers last between 9 to 18 months, depending on the type of filler being used. 

Hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm, Restylane and Stylage last around 9 to 15 months.

Other types of fillers include calcium hydroxyapatite - known as Radiesse.


Besides injectable fillers, threadlifts can also help to give your nose a straighter appearance. These threads are made of PDO, which is the same material as surgical sutures/ stitches. Threadlifts can last between 9 to 15 months. 

Rhinoplasty - surgical nose-job.

For permanent results, you might want to consider rhinoplasty or septorhinoplasty.

Best doctor to treat crooked nose in Singapore?

Fillers, thread-lifts and rhinoplasty can all help to give your nose a straighter appearance. 

To make an informed decision, please speak to an expert aesthetic doctor/ plastic surgeon to explore your treatment options in detail. 

My approach to treating crooked nose:

For Minimal Downtime, but Temporary Solution --> Thread-lifts vs Fillers

For Permanent but More Expensive Solution --> Rhinoplasty surgery

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Fillers can help to temporarily correct a mildly crooked nose. However, you should get a proper assessment by a certified and experience aesthetic Dr who will be able to tell you all the options available and whether in your case, it is amenable to augmentation with fillers. For an extremely deviated nose, the best option is often surgical rhinoplasty.

Another option that can help to augment the nose is nose threads, which can be used singly or in combination with nose fillers. Both fillers and nose threads are not permanent. Nose threads last about 9-12 months,and depending on the type of filler used, nose fillers can last from 9-18 months.

Fillers can be used to help to prop up the skin of the nasal bridge to give the illusion of a correction, however, the underlying septum, bone, and cartilage remain the same. Therefore, surgical correction may be necessary if you want a permanent functional correction where the nasal passages and breathing can be cleared at the same setting.
Having said that, if breathing and allergic rhinitis/recurrent sinusitis isn’t an issue, fillers and threads can both be used. The fillers used must be of HIGH LIFTING CAPACITY. I recommend only Teosyal Ultradeep, Radiesse, Ellanse, Restylane Lyft, and Belotero Intense only. 
Threads would be my preferred option also, as it provides a physical implant-like look if enough threads are inserted, if patients like the defined and slim bridge look. 
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