Could my rash be due to SLE (lupus)?

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Without a picture it’s hard to give advice. But something you must consider is Shingles or herpes zoster if you mentioned it’s along a nerve or dermatomal fashion.

Please consult your doctor early and start antiviral treatment if it’s confirmed. Rest well!

It is unlikely for SLE to be caused by the breast cancer chemotherapy. There are cases of drug-induced lupus, but this is usually when you are on the drug treatment and unlikely to occur a year after treatment. Furthermore, breast cancer chemotherapy is not a common cause of it.

As for the rash following a nerve, I agree that shingles or herpes zoster needs to considered. The zoster rash is usually associated with pain. It starts off with a red rash and blisters subsequently appear.

It is hard to be sure what the cause of your rash is, and I would suggest seeing your dermatologist/doctor to confirm the diagnosis

I concur with Dr Winston that “rash along the nerve line” is most suspicious for herpes zoster.

You should visit a dermatologist/doctor to have the rash diagnosed. He will also be able to do further tests if SLE is a consideration. 

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