Why do some dental clinics in Singapore offer Botox treatment?

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Dr Jaclyn Toh

"Dentist with an interest in comprehensive dentistry."

Believe it or not, dentists are also allowed to administer Botox (botulinum toxin) if they have received appropriate training from accredited courses. 

Most dentists who administer Botox use it as part of the management of patients with severe bruxism (teeth grinding) that causes severe headaches. The pain can be caused by jaw muscle hyperactivity (in the temporalis and masseter muscles). Botox injections can help to reduce the capacity of these muscles to contract fully and reduce the associated headaches and pain.

Over time, overuse of these muscles can result in muscle hypertrophy (enlargement) in the same way that pumping iron at the gym bulks up other muscles such as the biceps (upper arm) or quadriceps (thigh). By reducing the muscle activity, these muscles can shrink (atrophy) and this may be a desirable cosmetic outcome, especially in women who may prefer a slim jawline (V-shaped face).

Dentists are very familiar with the anatomy of the jaw, muscles and already perform injections routinely, so using Botox should not be too challenging for dentists to adopt with proper training.

Some dentists with a good aesthetic eye have also branched out into using Botox for more traditional cosmetic concerns (forehead wrinkles and crows feet).