Do I have to extract my wisdom teeth before Invisalign?

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That depends on the position of your wisdom teeth. 

If the position of your wisdom teeth does not affect treatment, we can usually leave them in. 

If your treatment requires molar distalization (molar teeth to be moved), then the wisdom teeth will need to be removed. 

Do consult your orthodontist so that he/she can have a thorough examination of your dental condition (clinically and radiographically) and advise accordingly.

For the removal of your wisdom teeth, your orthodontist will generally refer you to an oral surgeon (dental specialist in oral & maxillofacial surgery) or a general dentist if the case is not complex or severely impacted.

As Dr Chan mentioned, it all depends on the position of the wisdom teeth.

I would say for most cases, the wisdom teeth do not affect invisalign or other orthodontic treatments. Removal of the wisdom teeth before Invisalign treatment would be advised when:

1) Distalization of the molars are required - moving the second molars back into the space of the wisdom teeth

2) Uprighting of the second molars - if the wisdom tooth is causing the second molar to collapse or tilt sideways, removal would be required in order to upright and straighten the second molar

3) Impacted wisdom teeth resulting in food impaction and/or tooth decay

Your dentist or orthodontist would be able to advise you better after a clinical assessment and checking the status of your wisdom teeth on an X-Ray.

Hope this helps!

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Dr Geraldine Lee

There is no fixed rule on whether or not wisdom teeth have to be removed before Invisalign treatment. If the wisdom teeth interfere with the planned tooth movements, we will advise patients to have them removed before we start the treatment.

We would suggest that you see an orthodontist for a thorough examination and consultation. X-Rays may need to be taken during the appointment. Hope this helps!

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