Do I need a prescription for Atropine 0.01% eyedrops in Singapore?

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Yes, you need a prescription to get Atropine 0.01% eyedrops in Singapore. This is true for all prescription medicines, and represent safeguards for patients to make sure that they only get what t and to make sure they have been provided advice and instructions on how to use these medicines in a safe and effective way.

Yes you will need to obtain a prescription for Atropine 0.01% eyedrops from a licensed doctor or clinic to treat myopia in Singapore. You may want to check out Dr Por's answer here for more advice about Atropine eyedrops:

Is Atropine 0.01% for myopia licensed in Singapore?

In summary, doctors in Singapore cannot prescribe it for anyone except their own patients whom they have seen and determined that the medicine is necessary. Neither is this medicine available over the counter at pharmacies. 

Yes you would need a prescription for atropine 0.01% in Singapore. The reason being: although it has little to no side effects, it is necessary to assess whether the patient is a suitable candidate for the eyedrop and whether there are any rare adverse reactions after its use. 

Moreover, holistic treatment of myopia prevention should include a proper consultation with your eye doctor to review the patients daily reading habits and activities in order to modify the necessary risk factors which are causing progression of myopia. 

Using eyedrops alone without a healthy change in lifestyle cannot bring about miracles. See a good eye doctor who will be able to advise you best on how to prevent myopia. 

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Dr Claudine Pang

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