Do squatting exercises result in bigger buttocks, as well as help to tone and remove excess fats?

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Exercising a particular muscle overtime does cause the muscle to grow (hypertrophy), and simply put, become more prominent though firmer. 

Much of the bulge, however, can be due to the overlying fat. As such, muscle growth beneath the fat without appropriate attempts at losing the fat can indeed result in a more prominent buttock. 

I would advise adhering to a good diet that is pro fat-loss, together with a lower weight, higher rep count and equally frequent cardiovascular exercise to promote fat loss and muscle toning. The lower weight count will also do your back a huge favour in the long run.

Regarding the question on squatting helping remove excess fats - it is not possible to deliberately target fat loss by area, lest you resort to procedures such as Radiofrequency ablation/cryolipolysis/invasive liposuction procedures. Toning, as mentioned, does happened and different muscle groups can be targeted depending on the squatting technique.

Safe exercising!


Thank you for your question!

Dr Shane has provided a great answer already so I won't repeat things.

All I would add it that squatting is a great way to strengthen many different muscle groups in the body other than gluts alone.  Squatting works of muscles along the posterior chain, which includes your hamstrings, calf muscles and your back.  It is a useful adjunct to many different sports, including running, cycling and swimming.

The key with squats is to ensure that your technique is correct, otherwise it can lead to overloading of your back, hips or knees.  This in turn can lead to injury and hamper your enjoyment of the exercise.  Perhaps it is good to seek professional advice from a personal trainer or Powerlifting Singapore

Equally, exercise alone is often insufficient to lead to weight loss and a good control on diet is essential. In this situation, perhaps consulting a Sports Dietician is a good idea.

Good luck with your exercise objectives!

Dr Dinesh

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