What is the estimated cost of removing a filiform wart on the face in Singapore?

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A filiform wart on the face is often due to a viral wart, but skin tags, seborrrhoiec keratosis and actinic keratosis can also present with a warty bump on the face. 

A wart can be removed in different ways. Cryotherapy or liquid nitrogen treatment can be used to freeze the wart off. 

Another way of removing the wart is by electrosurgical or laser ablation. This is done under local anaesthesia and the wart is vaporized using  electrosurgery or laser.

The cost of removal depends on the size, site and extent of the wart and the method used and expertise of the treating doctor. A ball park figure is from $50 to $200 and up but it is best to ask your doctor or dermatologist for the cost before starting the treatment.

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