What are some helpful supplements for acne-prone skin?

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Dr Chin Yee Choong

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The simple answer is that there are no supplements that have been proven to prevent acne.

High glycaemic index foods e.g. sweet drinks, desserts and dairy products have been implicated in aggravating acne, so do avoid them [1].

To prevent acne, here are some ways you can ensure you do:

  • cleanse the face twice daily with a gentle cleanser,
  • eat healthily,
  • reduce stress,
  • avoid heavy make-up,
  • avoid squeezing out blackheads,
  • use maintenance therapy nightly such as tretinoin and differin.

Superficial chemical peeling done regularly will also help prevent acne and improve your complexion.


1. Kucharska A, Szmurło A, Sińska B. Significance of diet in treated and untreated acne vulgarisAdvances in Dermatology and Allergology. 2016;2:81-86. doi:10.5114/ada.2016.59146


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