How are boils on the vaginal area normally treated in Singapore?

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Dr Chin Yee Choong

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Boils in the vaginal area are frequently treated with a 1-2 week course of oral antibiotics and antiseptic washes.

If recurrent, then it is best that the exact bacterial cause of the boils is identified by performing a skin investigation called a bacterial culture. This will allow the doctor to prescribed the appropriate antibiotics to treat the infection.

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Dr Paul Ang

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It really depends on the size of the boil and whether it really is a "boil". Your best bet would be to show it to your usual GP or Gynecologist. If it really is a boil, the size and whether you have a fever is most important. If there is a fever, it requires more treatment, sometimes might have to be admitted. Otherwise, small ones can be treated with creams while larger ones might need minor surgery.

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