How can I get rid of smile lines that only occured after teeth extraction for braces?

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Thanks for your question about smile lines after braces with tooth extraction. 

There are two treatment option can be considered for this case. 

1. Botox treatment 

- Botox treatment around nose and lip area can help to reduce to lift the smile line, which will help reduce the smile line. but overall diagnosis should be performed first before starting botox treatment. 

2. Crown lengthening

- Crown lengthening (tooth crown lengthening) can be considered if tooth is relatively small. This cannot reduce muscle line around lips and mouth but crown lengthening itself can get gum lines on upper front teeth higher, which will give less effect of smile lines when smiling. 

These are general information about treatment for smile lines but it depends on individual and advised to see dentists to get more accurate information to get rid of smile lines. 

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Smile lines are also known as dynamic wrinkles that are caused by the over-activity of the muscles of facial expressions. I am not sure if the tooth extraction played a significant factor in worsening your smile lines.

Depending on the location of smile lines and the underlying facial muscles that cause it, Botox may help to reduce its appearance.

A full assessment by your preferred aesthetic doctor will be the first step to take to determine if Botox will help. Creams and laser treatments are unlikely to help in this instance.

Hope this helps!

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