How can I get the best results from IVF?

Doctor's Answers (1)

Hi Wen Hui, 

Thanks for the D2D. If you have decided on doing IVF, then the most important thing is not to delay or procrastinate any further. Consult your fertility doctor as soon as possible, and bring all available medical records and/or medication with you during your first consultation.

If you have existing medical problems, eg. thyroid, diabetes, SLE etc, please consult your respective specialists at the same time to have these conditions controlled. When you speak to your fertility doctor, it would be useful to discuss with him any treatment plans that your medical specialists may have.

If necessary, your fertility doctor can speak to and discuss your medical issues with your other specialists.

No two people have exactly the same set of issues, and through discussions between medical specialists, we can tailor a program that suits you best. This will ensure better outcomes for you.

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