How can I help my skin recover after a TCA CROSS tratment?

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Dr Chin Yee Choong

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The key principle in wound healing after skin injury (e.g. after TCA Cross treatment) is to allow the injured skin to heal in a sterile, moisture controlled environment.

The first 7 days after treatment is the most critical period of the wound healing phase.

Practically, this would entail the following key steps:

1. Cleanse the skin gently with a gentle cleanser or normal saline

2. Generous application of prescribed antibiotic ointment (e.g. mupirocin) or an antiseptic (e.g. octenisan gel)

3. Avoid use of any other “usual” topicals (e.g. acne medication, anti-aging creams)

4. Avoid unnecessary touching or picking on the treated skin

5. Avoid using make-up until the treated area has healed completely in about 7-14 days

6. Avoid exposure to harsh environment e.g heat, sun exposure, dusty places

7. Avoid additional aesthetic procedures that may further injure the healing skin during this period

The following steps will also apply to skin wounds caused by any other skin procedures e.g. electrocautery, shave excision, laser skin resurfacing.

Hope this helps!

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