How can I minimise the chance of regression after LASIK if I have high myopia?

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Looking at your question in totality, it appears that you have high myopia and want to achieve perfect eyesight with low risk of regression after refractive surgery.
There are many great options available today, and if spectacles / contact lenses are not your thing, and you are considering surgery then any laser option with the combination of collagen cross-linking procedure (epilasik-extra, lasik-extra, smile-extra) or implantable collamer lens all offer the opportunity for excellent spectacle-free vision with low risk of regression.
Do speak to your ophthalmologist for which options are most suitable for you and why. Best of luck with your surgery!

Dr David Chan

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There are many options you can consider to achieve good vision without glasses and contact lenses.

Indeed, studies have shown that there is a higher risk of post-LASIK regression in individuals with high myopia. But nowadays, patients have the option to include collagen cross-linking on top of the laser vision correction procedure. Collagen cross-linking aims to strengthen the cornea by activating the collagen fibres on the eye to cross-link, thereby strengthening the eye by 5 times post-surgery. This may have the potential to reduce the possibility of the cornea going back to its original shape (and thus, causes the regression).

Another type of refractive surgery to consider for high myopia will be Implantable contact Lens. These lenses are implanted into the eye and the power of the lens is customized to suit the individual visual requirements. They have the potential to correct up to -18.00 of myopia.

You may consider going for an eye evaluation with an eye surgeon to ascertain your suitability for the various refractive surgery options.

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