How can I reduce the protrusion of my upper lip?

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In order to decide which method would most effective, we would need to assess and treat the cause of the protrusion.

If it is due to protruding upper teeth which are flaring out and causing the lip to come forward, braces or Invisalign treatment would be ideal to reduce the protrusion. There may be a possibility that extractions of some teeth may be required to provide some space for the upper front teeth to move back into.

Sometimes, it may be due to the imbalance of the upper and lower jaws. If it is due to the upper jaw being too forward, orthodontic treatment alone would have its limitations and jaw surgery to set back the upper jaw may be a better option to achieve the best result. 

It would be best to consult an orthodontist, who can then refer you an oral maxillofacial surgeon if moving the teeth alone will not be enough to reduce the protrusion of the upper lip fully. Rhinoplasty and chin augmentation would be considered more as adjunct or supplementary treatments. 

If the upper lip protrusion is due to excessive soft tissue, you will need the expertise and advice of the plastic surgeons or aesthetic doctors. 

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Dr Geraldine Lee

I agree with Dr Lee that the best treatment would start with a proper assessment of the cause of your perceived upper lip protrusions. There is actually minimal subcutaneous fat in the upper lips of most people, so removal of fats in that area is very uncommon. The teeth and underlying bone structure will make more of a difference usually. 

As we age, bone resorption at the maxilla bone causes its retrusion and a reduction of your maxillary angle can make the upper lips look more protruding. From a minimally invasive point of view, appropriate soft tissue fillers can help support the area of bone loss and reduce the protruding appearance. A certified facial plastic surgeon can also help with implants or jaw correction surgery.

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We have to first ascertain the cause of your upper lip protrusion, before we can advice a suited treatment plan for you. 

If the protrusion is due to: 

1) the upper front teeth being inclined forwards, 

having orthodontic treatment with uprighting of the upper incisors will help bring the upper lips back. 

2) the forward positioning of the upper jaw bone, 

jaw surgery might be recommended. 

3) thick upper lips, 

it will be beneficial to seek a consultation with a medical doctor. 

To get better assessment, please visit an orthodontist for a consultation. Thank you.