How can I tell if a swollen finger joint after trauma is due to a fracture?

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Thank you for your email, and sorry to hear about your injury. Pinkies are very often injured in ball games. Besides being swollen and painful, is there a deformity? Or you are unable to extend the finger tip straight like before? There can be several common injuries, including a fracture. Another common injury is a mallet finger - either a soft tissue mallet, or a bony mallet injry where there is a little avulsion fracture. My advice is to see an orthopaedic surgeron, and get an X-ray done. That is the sure way to exclude a fracture.

Sometimes other investigations such as an MRI may also be warranted, if we are worried about capsular/ ligamentous or tendinous injuries as well. Another reason for an X-ray is also, should there be a fracture, you would want to get it treated asap, as a delay may result in poor/ delayed healing, or an abnormal/ displaced fracture. And if the X-rays do not show any fracture, you would at least have some peace of mind, and the proper management can be instituted for the injury.

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Dr Sean Ng

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