How do clear aligner brands that achieve cosmesis by only straightening visible crooked front teeth compare against standard orthodontics braces treatment? (photo)

Doctor's Answers (1)

Thank you for your question and for including pictures of your smile. It appears to me that you may have had prior braces treatment with conventional braces and some of the teeth may have shifted such as the lower front teeth and the upper lateral incisors.

The uploaded photo quality is not clear but there appears to be some white spot lesions or discolouration on your front teeth that could happen when oral hygiene and diet were not optimal during braces treatment.

However the quality of the uploaded photo is a bit pixelated and I cannot be completely certain of this.

When prior orthodontic treatment has been completed and there are no major tooth movements needed to achieve a good bite, clear aligner treatment to improve front teeth alignment is a good treatment alternative.

Clear aligner treatment achieves tooth movement using forces designed into the plastic aligners and is a different mode of moving teeth. Clear aligner treatment has certain strengths compared to conventional braces and also has its limitations.

For mild crowding such as seen in your smile photo, Clear aligner treatment is definitely a good alternative as it is able to correct mild rotations and tip teeth to achieve cosmesis. Clear aligner treatment allows easier oral hygiene and does not trap plaque as easily as conventional braces which may be suitable for you.

Conventional braces treatment is great at certain teeth movements such as extrusion (bring teeth downwards) and controlling tooth root inclinations.However if your treatment does not require such movements, Clear aligner treatment is definitely a good appliance to consider if you are looking to improve the front teeth alignment. 

Hope this helps and all the very best,

Dr Priscilla Lu