How do I get rid of small red bumps in between my eyebrows? (photo)

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Thank you for the question. The small bumps on the forehead do look like clogged follicles or comedones. There are prescription medicines such as tretinoin cream that can help to clear and control these bumps.

Treatments like chemical peels may also help to speed up the resolution if they are persistent.

You should see your doctor to get this evaluated so that the appropriate treatment can be prescribed.

This looks like acne. Acne occurs when the oil glands over-react to normal stimulli. I advise a few cardinal rules to follow before starting treatment.

Your diet can influence how much your acne flares up. Caffeine (in coffee and tea) stimulates your oil glands. The more caffeine you take, the worse your flare-ups will be.

Exposure to extreme hot or cold environments means that blood flow to the skin increases. This will also cause your acne to flare up.

Taking excessively hot or spicy food or drinking alcohol, again, increases blood flow to the skin and can lead to flare ups.

Smoking impairs your healing and prolongs your recovery time post-acne flare-up.

Squeezing them increases the blood flow to the area and worsens the acne afterwards.

You can consider treating with a retinoid cream. A second generation retinoid cream such as adapalene will break down the trapped sebum that is trapped inside and helps clear the dead skin cells blocking the pores. I like to dispense vitamins B3 serum to help further control the oil production. 

Further treatment with lasers will be helpful once the acne is well controlled in order to shrink the pores and reduce the scarring.  I prefer to use a non ablative pico-second laser to help achieve this as it avoids the long down time commonly associated with the ablative methods. 

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