How do I treat hormonal imbalance caused by stress and anxiety?

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Increase stress can cause increase in cortisol (stress hormone) levels. But this is usually still within the normal range and does not tend to increase to pathological levels. You should not experience symptoms of high cortisol (weight gain, thin skin, easy bruising etc) from just work stress.

Severe stress may affect your menstrual periods by suppressing your female hormones at the level of the hypothalamus/pituitary gland. Most of the time, treatment is not needed in this situation as your hormones will normalize when the stress is over. If this is persistent and prolonged, you may require some female hormones.

There are some conditions that can cause stress and anxiety, namely hyperthyroidism, and treating this with medications can help improve your symptoms.

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If you are experiencing stress and anxiety, then it will be good to see a psychiatrist. You may have adjustment disorder with anxious mood, or an underlying anxiety disorder. Treatment includes counselling (focusing on stress management techniques), relaxation therapy and use of medications to dampen arousal level. 
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