How do skin boosters offered by beauty salons differ from those offered in clinics?

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As Dr Justin has rightly pointed out, beauty salons are not allowed to carry out injections/ mesotherapy.

Additionally, many beauty salons administer "skin boosters" with products that are not approved by HSA. I would be cautious as such products and ingredients may be of dubious origin and I personally would not like to have such products administered into my skin/face for safety reasons.

Results will definitely differ based on:

1)  Product used

The technology behind Skin Boosters definitely plays a part in the results and longevity.  I personally like Juvederm Volite (reputable brand worldwide and the newest skin booster in the market backed by clinical studies) as only 1 session is required and results lasts up to 9 months. Others usually require 3 sessions and may last only 4-6 months.

2)  Route of administration

From your query, it does sound like the "Skin Boosters" administered by the beauty salon may very well just be applied to the skin and/or administered superficially to the skin which explains the lack of any downtime at all.  This will definitely affect the results and longevity of the outcome.

Skin Boosters provided by clinics on the other hand are administered specifically into the deep skin layer for optimal and longer lasting results.

Hope that helps.

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Dr Justin Boey

"Doctor with interest in Aesthetics and Lasers"

Several patients have asked me the same question too. I shall answer to my best knowledge with regards to how "skinboosters" in beauty salons (non-MOH approved) differ from those Skinboosters offered at MOH-approved Medical Clinics.

Skinboosters is the term for intradermal (skin-deep) injections of hyaluronic acid. It was popularised by Restylane but many other filler brands like Belotero, Teosyal and Stylage all have similar technologies. 

Hyaluronic acid was initially injected deep Beneath the Skin as a volumising filler. Over the past 4-5 years, hyaluronic acid was injected into the skin (intradermal) for hydration and anti-aging effects - hence the term "skin boosters".

Most skin boosters by medical clinics have slight downtime (1-2 days) as it involves injections - either hand injected or using an injector gun. Tiny bumps of hyaluronic acid are deposited into your skin during the skin booster injection process. 

To my best knowledge, non-Ministry of Health approved establishments like beauty salons are not allowed to offer injections. Unfortunately, they might loosely use the term "skin booster" as their marketing practices are not under the regulations of Ministry of Health.

Mesotherapy is NOT allowed in Singapore either. This is reported in the Straits Times as follows: "The Bill (healthcare law) also lists specific practices and services that are considered unsafe and banned in Singapore. These include mesotherapy, in which injections of a cocktail of vitamins, enzymes, hormones and plant extracts are given in aesthetic treatments." 

You can check for the complete list of procedures that clinics in Singapore are allowed to carry out at this link.

While I have not undergone skinboosters offered by beauty salons myself, my patients who have tried it have given feedback that the so-called "skinboosters" are essentially serums that are applied on the skin after microneedling. 

The difference is that Skinboosters in Medical Clinics involves Hyaluronic Acid being Injected into the skin for greater hydration effect, whereas "Skinboosters" at Beauty salons are applied onto the skin and not injected into the skin. This would explain the difference in downtime too (no downtime as the serum is applied onto the skin). 

Hyaluronic acid "skinbooster" treatment that is not Injected Intradermally is not likely to give the same effectiveness and results as the original Skinbooster treatment. Hope that this helps to dispel some myths!

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Dr Justin Boey 

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