How does a doctor choose the best intraocular lens (IOLs) for me?

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Hi Yee Min, 

Thank you for the D2D. With so many types of intraocular lens techonologies, it can be confusing which lens one should choose. 

As an experienced cataract and refractive surgeon, one of the most important information I need in order to ascertain the best lens for the patient is to understand his daily activities, occupation, hobbies and visual needs.

As each patient’s needs are different, I will personalize the management of their eye conditions and customize their visual requirements with the appropriate lens.

For example, if the patient often drives at night, I will recommend a monofocal intraocular lens instead of a multifocal lens to avoid glares and halos that might affect his driving.

Should a patient be having difficulty with many different pairs of glasses for distance and reading vision, and would like to be independent of spectacles after her cataract surgery, I will recommend multifocal lens for her needs.

And for a patient who uses the computer often (intermediate vision) in addition to needing reading and distance vision, the Extended Depth of Focus lens or Trifocal lens may suit her needs best.

It is very important for me to understand the visual needs of my patients so I can personalize my care for my patients, and customize their refractive needs with the full suite of advanced intraocular lens technology available at our centre.

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