How does a Sport Doctor help to treat lower back pain in gym goers?

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Back pain is a complex yet common problem that affects many people and there can be many causes from a disc prolapse with nerve root irritation, muscular spasm, facet joint pain or fascial pain.

A Sports/MSK physician will take a detailed history, perform a thorough clinical examination and, depending on symptoms/signs, may organise investigations such as X-rays, MRIs or blood tests.

For the majority of back pains, conservative (non-operative) management will suffice.  This may include physiotherapy, guided injections or analgesia.  If you have significant symptoms clinically or conservative measures are not working, then your Sports Physician may refer you onto one of their surgical colleagues.

The benefit of seeing a Sports Physician/Physio is that they will always aim to get you back to your chosen activity in the safest manner and at the earliest possible time. 

I hope this helps.


Dr Dinesh

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