How does beg bug bites result in an allergic reaction?

Doctor's Answers (1)

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Bed bug bites can be very distressing as they can lead to itchy red bumps on the skin. The itch can be very intense and skin can become very red and inflamed. This is believed to be due to hypersensitive response of the body to the bed bug bites.

The itch can be so intense that it can affect sleep. Avoid scratching and picking at the rash as this can aggravate the rash and make the bumps larger and more persistent.

The rash often settles in a few weeks but in some cases can persist for months. A visit to the doctor will be useful as there are topical steroids creams and oral anti-histamines that can be prescribed to help to speed up the resolution of the rash and relief the itch.

It is important to make sure the environment is free of bed bugs to prevent further bites and recurrence of the rashes.

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