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How does having an IMH record affect my chances of getting into medical school in Singapore?

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"Family Physician with special interest in Mental Health"

IMH records are supposed to be medical records, that stays in IMH. No other government agency should be able to access it.

NUS is an educational institution, there shouldn't be a way for them to retrieve your medical records.

NUS medical school does not discriminate against race, gender or medical conditions. There should be no reason why it should affect your medical school application.

Moreover, it is very common to have a mental illness, up to 1 in 5 people will have. For example in a class of 300 medical students, 60 of them would have seen a psychiatrist or psychologist.

So, go ahead and apply, and go ahead and seek treatment.

"Psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience"

Thank you for asking such an important and relevant question. May I assume that you are interested in pursuing medical education in Singapore so that you can eventually become a doctor. When applying for medical school, having a history of psychiatric consult may not be seen as a negative point or be held against you. The school likes to know so that it can make special arrangements to help students cope with the rigors of medical studies and provide them with all the necessary support. What is important to ask yourself would be the following  questions: Why am I interested in becoming a doctor? Am I prepared to put in all the necessary effort, hard work and sacrifices?

You need to be mindful that medical school is demanding in terms of time and effort; you may not have very much time for social life and other pursuits. Also, quite a number of doctors gave up medicine practice as they lose interest in it after a while. They probably entered the profession for the wrong reason, e.g., to make their parents happy or proud of them.

You also need to discuss with your treating psychiatrist if your condition is fully resolved, stable and whether your condition is still vulnerable to relapses when exposed to stressful situations.

Rest assured that your records with the restructured hospitals will be kept confidential and do continue to seek the help that you need to get well.

I wish you success in your pursuit of tertiary education and a career that is driven by interest and passion.

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