How effective are Punctal Plugs for treating dry eyes after LASIK?

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Punctal plugs are very effective for treating dry eyes, whether or not the problem is associated with LASIK. However, it is important to note that punctal plugs work by keeping whatever moisture is already on the eye (whether naturally produced or from eyedrops) around for a longer time, instead of allowing them to drain away into the nose. Therefore, it does not help the dryness that some people get while sleeping-and which they may experience on waking in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.

This is because sleep related dryness is related to the lack of tear production, so in these cases there are no tears for the plugs to keep around in the first place.

If the dry eye problem is usually manifest during sleep or first thing on waking, it is best to use a gel or ointment before sleep, that will persist for the whole night rather than eyedrops which are too liquid and which will disappear within an hour or so.

They are very helpful as they prevent your tears from leaving the eye. You would normally need it for 3 - 6 months only. You would normally recover by 3 - 6 months after LASIK surgery.

The plugs can be collagen in nature and are temporary, being fitted 3 monthly.

There is a permanent option where the plug is silicone, lasting longer ( for many years without needing to be changed ). This option is Medisave and Medishield claimable.

If you are interested in their prices, please let me know and I can provide more information to you.


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