How is an Oblique Supragingival fracture treated, and what is the treatment cost?

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Dr Jaclyn Toh

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It depends:

1) Is it a front of a back tooth?

2) Is the tooth loose?

3) Is there a pulp exposure that needs treatment? If so, how long ago did the fracture occur? Has there already been prior root canal treatment?

4) What material would the repair be performed with? Ceramic or composite (plastic)?

5) What is the size of the fracture?

6) Is the tooth discoloured, or does the tooth have unique colour features (brown, yellow or white patches, striations etc)?

7) Is there clenching or grinding of teeth? This will mean any repairs break or chip off more quickly unless a bite guard is worn at night regularly.

8) What is the bite pattern? Is there even biting pressure on the tooth?

9) Is the tooth properly aligned? This affects the difficulty of the repair process.

10) Do you develop stains easily? If so, then a more stain resistant material like ceramic may be preferable.

Each case has different degrees of complexity that will affect the choice of material and the cost.

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