How is the recovery process like after an angioplasty in Singapore?

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Recovery time after an angioplasty is pretty similar in most parts of the globe.

In terms of recovery we generally aim for a 4 to 6 week period to get back to full activity. Usually the cardiac rehabilitation team will come to meet you if you have been admitted with a heart attack and following the angioplasty procedure they will provide guidance on the do’s and dont’s.  

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a structured, holistic, 6 to 8 week program which deals with multiple facets of recovery including diet, psychological counselling to deal with the diagnosis, treatment and its aftermath, return to driving and other occupational activity, safe return to exercise and other practical questions.

If undergoing an elective procedure, recovery is very quick and you can return to normal work in a week (even earlier if you are based in an office but not if it is a highly stressful job).  A general rule of thumb is to start aerobic activity such as walking, say 5 to 10mts daily in your first week and escalate by 5-10mts each week until you are able to reach 60mts with no limitation. The emphasis is always to pace yourself and stop if any symptoms occur.  

There should be no issue with returning to your normal lifestyle of badminton and daily jogs following a complete and successful angioplasty provided there are no other issues.

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