How long does Botox last for, and what is the cost of Botox in Singapore? Are there any side effects of Botox?

Doctor's Answers (3)

  1. Botox typically lasts between 3-6 months for most patients
  2. The price depends on the charging practices of the clinic. Some clinics charge per area to be treated ( in this case crows feet), others charge per unit depending on how much you need after an assessment with a doctor.
  3. Apart from occasional bruising, side effects are usually rare. Unless injected into or too close to the wrong muscles, this can occasionally lead to an eyelid droop. Thus, it is important to have botox procedures done only by a qualified medical doctor. In any case, if it happens, the result will not be permanent as the effect of the botox will wear off slowly over the next couple of months.

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on the average 3months after botox injection, the effect of botox slides off. By 6 months, its completely gone. However, other factors include the previous episodes of botox and the depth of the botox injection too.

The cost of botox depends on the units of botox used which depends on the region of injection, example crow feet, horizontal frown line or glabellar lines. often about 200 to 400.

the side effects include bruising, asymmetry of face and “frozen look”. Personally i do not like a face without expression, but to improve dynamic wrinkles.

Thanks for your question. This is a common concerned as a result of ageing. Your wrinkles at the corner of your eyes are otherwise known as crowsfeet. In relation to your queries,

  1. Botox generally lasts 3 months for first timers, and up to 6 months for regular users.
  2. Prices vary depending on the area concerned and number of units required. As a ballpark figure, $150 – $300.
  3. Side effects include temporary headache and bruises. Uncommonly, if the botox for your crosfeet affects an unintended muscle group, you may experience eyelid droopiness. However, these effects are not permanent.

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