How much do dermal fillers cost in Singapore?

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There are two types of approved fillers in Singapore for use in those areas you mentioned: temporary or semipermanent fillers. Examples of the former: Teosyal, Belotero, Juvederm, Restylane, Revanesse, or Elravie (the list goes on). For the latter: Radiesse and Ellanse are commonly used. 

Fillers have a high cost in Singapore and hence it is common for clinics to charge it by individual syringe. While the temporary fillers are usually priced between 600 to 1000 SGD per syringe (1cc), the semipermanent ones can range from 900 to 2000++ SGD per syringe depending on the product used. 

When the prices are too low and look suspicious, be sure that you are receiving a HSA approved product and a fresh syringe of filler!

(Read this other post to find out more details about types of dermal fillers in Singapore, including HA and non-HA dermal fillers).

Dr Chua summarised it well. There are many unlicensed fillers that have come over into Singapore. 

The usual price would be approximately 800 - 900 for a syringe and multiple syringes may see a reduced per syringe price.

However I generally caution against overfilling. Many doctors have this weird idea that full cheeks is desired. Please advise your doctor on your concerns and desired look.

Dermal fillers are a misnomer actually. 

At the cheek and undereye areas, the anatomical issues are loss of volume of DEEP fat pads of the SOOF (suborbicularis oculi fat) and DMCF (deep Medial Cheek Fat). 

These fat pads are fixed and immobile. Thus the fillers, when filled correctly in this fat pads (very deep and not in the skin layer), gives a profound lift, volume-restoration and youthful look. 

I agree with Dr Chua’s pricing quotes - most SG doctors are very knowledgeable with filler injections and go to great lengths (and time + opportunity costs) to acquire advanced filler knowledge. They also use original products. Hence, Sg pricing is more pricey than other countries around the region. Be careful of super cheap filler prices.

I agree with Dr Winston that overfilling around the eyes happen quite often for newer injectors. Superficial filling of the cheeks by newer injectors or with filler brands that spread easily can be a disaster.

I'm of the opinion that volumising the deep medial cheek fat is of paramount importance. Without it, you won’t get a youthful middle face appearance.

Some doctors hardly do fillers (doing mostly lasers and machines), and some do treatments mostly for male patients. Do find a doctor who is well experienced with filler injections FOR LADIES and understands the characteristics of a youthful oestrogenized face. 

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